4Patriots Review – Review of the Survival Food Patriot


Patriot food supply offers an assortment of nutrient-rich survival foods. Their meals are gluten-free and suitable for special diets; plus, they’re easy to prepare. Have the Best information about readywise emergency food supply.

The company sells emergency cooking and water filtration supplies. Their power banks and solar cookers resemble popular brand name items, while their water filtration systems resemble the famous Berkey brand.


4Patriots products are unique because they’re proudly manufactured here in America. Based in Utah and selling their goods nationwide, 4Patriots sell survival food, solar generators, and emergency power banks; additionally, they also sell solar cookers and water filtration systems. Their website can be somewhat misleading, though, as its tagline mentions survival food “and solar-powered generators,” yet its best-seller page displays three-month survival kits as the first item before power banks, solar cookers, and water filter units appear.

Cans of food can last quite some time, but eating the same items every day can become tedious quickly. That is why companies such as My Patriot Supply strive to offer long-term shelf-stable survival foods that taste great, are easy to prepare, and provide essential nutrition.

These emergency survival kits are made using only high-grade ingredients and packaged in sturdy waterproof totes that keep out air, water, and critters until it’s time to enjoy their contents. With soup to chili to stews to mac n cheese – there’s sure to be something delicious here for both adults and kids! These emergency food supplies also make excellent camping trip meals, as they’re easy to cook over an open fire!

Ready to eat

Survival Food Patriot is comprised of high-grade ingredients with long shelf lives, easy storage and preparation processes, delicious taste, excellent convenience packaging for storage and preparation, and great taste – making it suitable for daily meals as well as emergencies. Furthermore, they offer other emergency preparedness products.

Food kits from this company are custom-labeled for specific durations and comprise an assortment of foods from multiple suppliers. Each Kit combines dehydrated and freeze-dried products sealed in three-layer Mylar pouches to keep them fresh while the high-tech oxygen absorber removes extra air from them prior to locking them in water-resistant tote bags for storage.

Every 3-Month Survival Food Kit features delicious recipes Grandma would appreciate, made with premium ingredients. Each 3-Month Kit provides nutritious emergency foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as tempting desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Furthermore, every Kit features high-quality generators/power banks similar to name-brand Jackery/Ecoflow Delta products, as well as water filtration systems identical to Berkey filters – providing extra peace of mind during times of emergency!

Survival food market growth is on an upward trend due to increasing concerns over natural disasters and other emergencies. Companies providing these products have invested in product development to meet customer demands and expanded distribution channels to reach a broader customer base.

Easy to prepare

Disasters often leave families without access to food, with stores closing, utilities failing, and supply chains getting interrupted. Therefore, having survival foods on hand will provide adequate nutrition until regular access returns. When selecting emergency foods, it is important to consider nutrition content, taste, shelf life, and ability to accommodate special diets.

Patriot Food Supply is an excellent option for emergency survival food supplies, boasting long shelf-life products with balanced nutrition and delicious taste. Plus, Patriot employs domestic production techniques, creating local jobs while guaranteeing the safety of customers’ food supplies.

My Patriot Pantry offers another reliable source for emergency food supplies: their prepackaged meals can easily be prepared when an emergency strikes, requiring only boiling water and 15-20 minutes for preparation. While these meals do not offer instantaneous nourishment like freeze-dried camping food or Mountain House dishes do, they make for great alternatives to canned food in emergencies.

Establishing an emergency food kit is essential to any household. Your emergency food kit should contain enough food to sustain you through any disaster, from hurricanes or earthquakes, as well as ways to obtain and purify water if the power goes out or another emergency occurs.


Survival situations necessitate keeping a supply of long-lasting food available to prevent people from starving while meeting daily nutritional requirements. Survival foods also make an excellent emergency option, being easy to transport with long shelf lives that make them the ideal solution.

Patriot Food Supply’s survival foods combine nutritious ingredients with great taste. Furthermore, these food kits have a 25-year shelf life and can easily be prepared. Again, being American-made gives customers peace of mind that they are purchasing high-quality products.

4Patriots offer more than survival food – they sell equipment to assist in disaster preparation as well. Generators, solar power banks, and water filtration systems from 4Patriots often look very similar to Jackery’s or Ecoflow Delta power stations, while their water filter resembles Berkey products in terms of features.

These products may not be for everyone, but they offer a good solution for people looking to be ready in case of an emergency. Many items last a long time when stored correctly in an airtight container, and the company offers packages explicitly tailored to different budgets.

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