Connecting with More Local Customers via Mobile Marketing and Social WiFi Technology for Car Lots.


Wi-Fi for Social Interaction

Facilitates Deal Closing for Automotive Retailers

Social WiFi facilitates mobile advertising. Get in front of potential purchasers as soon as they step foot on your property to sell and promote expensive things like cars and trucks.

Our research shows that car dealerships that invest in mobile communication solutions provide a better overall mobile user experience, increasing the dealership’s return on investment.

Visitors to your showroom, service center, or dealership lot are a prime target for sending social marketing messages via public WiFi. This form of mobile advertising could sway onlookers into buyers.

Mobile marketing campaigns targeting returning customers with incentives to upgrade to the newest model or take advantage of the dealer’s special offers on new vehicles, services, and components are more likely to be successful.

Users on the go are looking for and purchasing expensive products like automobiles. A better mobile user experience leads to more purchases, and dealerships that embrace tools like social WiFi hotspots are at the forefront of this trend.

Public WiFi vs. Free Public WiFi?

WiFi hotspots often operate from the dealership and cost money each month, whether private or open to the public. Due to the dealership’s lack of visibility into user logins and session durations, additional monthly expenses may be incurred.

A public WiFi hotspot is a wireless network access point open to the general public. In exchange for posting dealership promos or marketing pages, mobile users provide consent and sign up with a social network account. The WiFi service may be turned into a profitable mobile marketing machine by the dealership’s marketing department, which controls the mobile experience, including how long customers spend online and the vehicle or truck promotions they buy.

Gains for the Dealership

This mobile marketing tool allows prospective customers instantaneous access to car promotions, discounts, and overstocked inventory while still in the showroom, service department, or parking lot. Inducing purchases from “just looking” customers, social WiFi could be the deciding factor.

There are two issues that car lots have that mobile marketing helps with.

Prevents your mobile consumers from leaving for a competitor’s dealership.
It is a chance to reach mobile users, advertise deals, and collect their information.
People who use their mobile devices frequently hunt for public WiFi hotspots where they may connect for free while they wait for service or make a purchase. This puts the dealership in charge of customer engagement and sales.

People today commonly utilize the Internet to investigate numerous vendor options before purchasing. Even though many brick-and-mortar stores worry about losing sales to online competitors, few give any thought to this practice. Imagine if your social WiFi hotspot opened up innovative channels of immediate, one-on-one communication with your mobile consumers:

Process of Social Mobile Marketing:

Takes mobile users to a resource hub for vehicle shoppers.
Records the user’s information (name, email, etc.).
Customers’ vehicle browsing habits are recorded even while the business is closed.
Sends out promotional emails to potential customers, advertising deals like zero percent financing, free test drives, and daily discounts.
Messages are sent to mobile users days, weeks, or months after their initial visit.
Spending 10 minutes waiting can result in a new customer, a sale, or an appointment for servicing.
Encourage people with mobile devices to ‘Like’ your Facebook promotion page for cars.
Now more than ever, car dealerships must use mobile marketing tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Setup instructions for public Wi-Fi networks

It’s as simple as changing the oil to set up this technology at your dealership.

Typically, you’ll get a social WiFi router preconfigured to work with your existing network. If mobile users want to connect to your social WiFi, you should distribute “Free WiFi” window stickers and promotional cards.

The monthly fee for a mobile WiFi hotspot is cheaper than a set of spark plugs. Providing the service has tremendous potential to boost business and income.

Access to WiFi on the Go

To keep expenses down, a single social WiFi router can cover most car dealerships’ internal spaces. More security may be needed in more extensive facilities, parking lots, or multiple-story buildings.

Inquire since many low-priced options are available that do not involve expensive cabling.

Don’t wait for advice from ad agencies or professionals in the auto industry. You need to insist that they quickly implement the service.

Offering mobile solutions to mobile users is currently your competitive edge. Your car lot will never be the same after installing social WiFi. Customers have come to demand a seamless mobile experience or will swiftly look elsewhere. Put it to good use for your car lot.

More leads and direct sales will be generated for car dealerships using social WiFi technology than social media. A mobile-friendly service for generating sales leads that will revolutionize the auto business in every regional market around the globe.

Please tell me more about the effectiveness of your dealership’s mobile marketing campaigns and how your customers use their mobile devices.


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Today is a fantastic moment to reach clients and provide excellent service. Businesses that use the internet, social media, and mobile marketing technology are more likely to succeed and have a distinct advantage over their rivals. If you care about the legacy you leave your kids, you must act now.

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