Do you really understand why you pay your SEO company every month?


Businesses are assessing their budgets and searching for methods to enhance efficiency and save money in the present economic climate. Monthly payments are scrutinized and justified. Is it possible to find an alternative? Is that payment worthwhile for the money spent? How to find the enterprise seo company?

Many firms make monthly payments to an SEO company, with some paying several hundred pounds per month for ‘ongoing SEO efforts’ while not knowing what they are paying for. These firms are sometimes afraid to stop paying because they are concerned that the site will disappear from search engine results he site would disappear from the search engine you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each year on ‘ongoing SEO activities,’ you have the right to know what those SEO activities are. If you paid the same amount to an accountant, you would expect to see proof of their work; search engine optimization companies are no different.

Is your SEO provider providing you with regular reports on their activities? Have they stated what they did to your site and why they did it? Are they in charge of your AdWords or other affiliate programs? If so, what are they, and how effective are they? Of course, you would have a problem if you answered ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ to any of those questions.

You should be able to see results whether or not you are receiving a report. The outcomes of SEO work can take numerous forms, but the great majority are apparent. Consider the following crucial questions:

Have you done the following since starting the monthly stipend with your SEO company:

Have you seen an increase in traffic to your website and changes in user behavior?

Google Analytics should be placed on your site (if you pay a monthly price to an SEO company and it isn’t, something is very wrong!). Simple numbers of people on the site are insufficient – if more people find you, will they return? Do they go over more than one page? A good SEO company will analyze the results and explain what they mean, but you should also be able to look for yourself.

Have you noticed increased queries via the contact form, e-mail, or phone?

An increase in traffic must result in something positive for your company. If traffic has increased, but the number of queries has not, something on your site has to be improved. A reputable SEO company pays monthly to maintain your site, working hard. Discovering this tendency and then working with you to correct it would be best.

Have you entered a niche keyword phrase crucial to your business into Google? (e.g., “full-time live-in tutor” or “landscape gardener Witney”) If yes, where does your business appear?

Your SEO business should have analyzed and discussed your crucial keyword phrases with you at the start of the search engine optimization process. If you put in one of the phrases discussed and are not on the first two pages of Google organic search results (positions 1 – 10 for location-specific keywords), you should ask them to clarify what they have been doing.

Have you noticed an increase in the PageRank of your website?

Google PageRank is a ranking element that determines where your website appears in organic search results. You can see it for yourself if you download the Google toolbar. If there has been no progress since your association with your SEO firm started, they must explain why. If they didn’t tell you about PageRank immediately, consider switching to another SEO business that is more open about search engine optimization strategies and techniques.

You have an excellent SEO business working for you if you are receiving regular reports on work done, witnessing the outcomes of the work, and are so delighted with the service that you would suggest them to a friend. If none of those apply, you should seriously consider terminating the arrangement and spending the money on one batch of excellent advice you can implement in-house. If your organization does not have a technical resource, outsource any technical updates to your site because that type of work is much easier to oversee.

You should never be in the dark about what is being done to improve your site for organic search results in an industry as competitive as SEO. You should ideally be able to understand what has to be done on an ongoing basis (it’s not rocket science, just search engine optimization!) If you don’t want to handle it yourself, a monthly-paying SEO business should describe precisely what they do for you. If this is not the case, you should seek out a different SEO consultant.

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