Events in Barcelona


Barcelona can often feel like one big celebration. Each barrio celebrates their patron saint day and the streets become transformed into fantasy worlds for several days. Read the Best info about eventos barcelona.

In the summertime, Madrid plays host to numerous rock and dance festivals like Sonar and Cruella that bring people from all around the globe together for great rocking dance parties! Don’t miss your chance to mosh and shake those castanets!


Barcelona’s vibrant event scene brings fitness, culture, and nightlife together with beautiful surroundings for an exciting eventful experience. From dawn paddleboarding to silent discos – Barcelona truly offers something for everyone in this Catalan capital!

Cruilla Primavera Festival will be one of the major summer music events this year, running from July 10-13 and featuring various artists like Avril Lavigne, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Trueno as headliners. This summer festival has earned itself the reputation of being a premier new music event across Europe.

Festes de la Merce is an event for anyone who appreciates pyrotechnics. Held each year to commemorate Barcelona’s patron saint and their legend of ridding Barcelona of locust plague, streets are filled with folkloric characters such as Gigants and Cap Grosse as well as traditional and modern music being performed from around the city. Additionally, you’ll witness nail-biting Castellers (human towers), correfoc fire runs, and dragons with large bangers in their hands parade along city streets!

On January 5, Catalonians celebrate the Day of the Three Kings – an important holiday that recreates their journey to visit baby Jesus – through a procession through the city with gifts for children and a procession featuring some stunning architecture such as Portal de la Pau and Sagrada Familia.

Other popular events include Sant Joan, which is famed for its extravagant fireworks displays and disregard for EU safety regulations. This festival marks the shortest night of the year and people often celebrate by drinking sangria, calimocho, or cerveza during it.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Semana Santa (Holy Week), if visiting Catalonia during spring or early autumn. At this time of year, Catalonia boasts some unique traditions compared to Spain as a whole; on Palm Sunday locals give Mona, a whimsical chocolate and pastry creation made up of milk chocolate and pastry adorned with coconut, to their godchildren as gifts and you com balla, an unusual broomstick filled with chocolate eggs is given away on Palm Sunday; every tick of midnight New Year’s Eve marks with grapes marking every single chime of midnight on New Year’s Eve as an indication.


Music fans will be pleased to know that Barcelona offers numerous venues hosting concerts year-round. Small venues like Sala Razzmatazz and Bikini Barcelona host big names from pop, rock, jazz, and classical music genres, while Palau Sant Jordi (designed by architect Arata Isozaki) has hosted Rosalia, U2, and Joan Manel Serrat (who wrote a song dedicated to Barcelona).

Wine takes center stage across Catalan culture during one week in February with tastings, workshops, tours, and performances taking place all across Barcelona. Don’t miss this event to immerse yourself in Catalan heritage!

This festival honors Saint Anthony of Padua as the patron saint of domestic animals with parades and events around the city, such as blessings for pets. If wine tasting is your thing, check out their 400 Catalan bodegas wine fair!

Barcelona, one of Europe’s most open and vibrant cities, is an increasingly popular LGBTIQ destination. Take part in events and festivals celebrating diversity, freedom, and tolerance throughout the year in Barcelona!

Autumn brings with it an air of magic as the mountains change color from green to yellow, orange, and rusty brown. In Barcelona, this transformation can be seen everywhere – particularly at Montserrat Sanctuary where its hillsides come alive in full glory. Autumn also marks the Sitges carnival: with parades, music performances, and numerous activities taking place 32km south of Barcelona at seaside town Sitges; Halloween parties can also be found across town!

Art Exhibitions

Barcelona boasts numerous art museums that host an abundance of exhibitions throughout the year, providing visitors with a better understanding of local culture and history. Many exhibitions also qualify for discounts with the Barcelona Museum Pass offering savings up to 20% on admission fees.

Are You Searching For Things to Do in Barcelona? From Art Museums to Live Performances and more – Barcelona has something for everyone. Opera, Flamenco, and Jazz performances all await discovery – some events may even be free, while others require booking.

Every summer the city comes alive with music as Musica als Parcs (Music in the Parks) brings live performances to lush green spaces across Barcelona. Attracting musicians as well as nature enthusiasts alike, this festival provides the ideal way to experience Barcelona’s magical combination of culture, nature, and community.

As autumn begins, many museums in Barcelona switch their exhibition themes. One such institution is Fundacio Joan Miro which features works by this acclaimed painter – boasting more than 200 paintings, sculptures, and sketches by him in its permanent collection – in an exhibit that charts his career from initial training through child psychology studies and into modern art movements such as Cubism and Dada.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA). This exhibit highlights a wide variety of Catalan artists and how various influences have had an effect on the local art scene over time. You can witness Jaume Plensa’s sculptural pieces as well as paintings by Picasso and Miro among many other greats.

Barcelona boasts an abundance of culture that surpasses that found elsewhere in Spain. There are festivals, cultural activities, and unique celebrations that showcase Barcelona’s creativity and sense of community spirit, making the city lively and diverse with something for everyone to do and see.

Sport Events

Barcelona boasts a proud sporting tradition and since the 1992 Olympic Games facilities have vastly improved to provide all manner of physical activities. A quarter of Barcelona’s population now regularly engages in physical activity for physical health benefits; whether gallivanting around golf courses, practicing their serve and volley on top-class tennis courts, or kicking some balls on football pitches.

Football enthusiasts will delight in seeing two of Europe’s premier teams compete here – FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol fight it out for supremacy in La Liga’s local derby, while Joventut Badalona competes in ACB league.

Barcelona is well known as a mecca for road running events, offering several marathons such as the popular Barcelona Marathon with over 10,000 participants in 2010, Cursa de Bombers, and Cursa de El Corte Ingles to name just three of several offerings available for runners to compete in. Furthermore, cycling events like Vuelta a Espana are held regularly.

On the water, boating activities take place along both the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas, making this city’s coasts an excellent place for various forms of aquatic recreation.

Barcelona will soon host one of the oldest and most renowned sailing competitions: Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup. Set for 2024, this spectacular event promises to offer stunning boat races within Barcelona’s marinas and sky.

The city features several other outdoor sports facilities, such as Parcmotor Castelloli Motor Racing Circuit and Pedralbes Circuit for street racing courses, numerous swimming pools, and indoor arenas such as Palau Sant Jordi for indoor events.

Finally, the city boasts many bars and restaurants where sports lovers can gather to watch their team compete. One such pub is The Wild Rover which hosts various sporting events with large-screen televisions for viewing pleasure; also serving up burgers, fries, and beer! You can catch live matches at The Irish Pub too.

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