Home air purifiers Review – Redux


Formerly, the Air Purifier Review — 4 Key Factors Product was introduced. A detailed study based on that model had been sent to several key home air cleaner manufacturers. Sadly, save for just one, no one else responded. It is puzzling, to say the least, for them to disregard users of air purifiers. To know about wholesale uv air purifier, click here.

Do these cards not make them for prospects like us? Are many of us not the most likely to get an air purifier? The moderate response is disheartening nevertheless we are not about to get away from our efforts to build an information database for all people and potential users involving air purifiers to make well-informed alternatives.

Further to our most recent posting, we have now included Scientific Expert Review as the fifth important ingredient in our air purifier review type. Even though it is likely to draw some sort of blank in the foreseeable future, it is bound to happen. Firstly, the starkness may well encourage someone to be the debutante in producing the first known scientific peer review for any air purifier technology.

But more very seriously, the lack of scientific peer opinions is a major stumbling block in the air purification industry. It includes failure to win over crucial people and interested parties such as the scientific community (indoor quality of air specialists, academics, environmentalists along with activists).

And most important coming from all, it has not garnered the actual endorsement of government agencies such as the US EPA and NIOSH and the medical community who else deal with allergy issues along with other medical conditions blamed on interior pollution.

Lacking in ALL air flow purification technologies

There is not just one air purifier review that contains the scientific peer review. Remember that this problem is not confined just to the ionic air purifier business. It also plagues all other technology in the air purifier industry, whether it is the venerable HEPA and also the new-kid-on-the-block (relatively speaking) photo-catalytic oxidation, etc.

Why does nobody in the air purification industry use cognizance of this? Instead, the focuses its efforts on convincing the consumer. Millions tend to be spent on advertising. Good cash that could have been better invested. Why are they blind to the fact that the customer base would multiply a lot more if only there is one, only one scientific peer review?

This is a no-brainer. As an essential part of any air purifier evaluation, the scientific peer evaluation is the holy grail of the home air cleaner industry. Whoever gets this first may well have the same mythological power of leadership in the multimillion-dollar business.

Given the actual superlative (an understatement) need for a scientific peer evaluation, the biggest mystery is why nobody has deemed it advantageous to produce a single review. Understandably, no home air cleaner manufacturer has commissioned 1 since that would negate the actual independence factor that is main to a scientific peer evaluation.

What is puzzling is why no scientist or researcher, particularly the most qualified ones within the indoor air quality or environment sciences disciplines, considers this worthwhile to do a home air cleaner review. Being the first to make a recognized scientific peer evaluation in a multimillion industry should surely put one in the actual spotlight and open financing doors for further investigation. And we know that initial financing is not an issue as we possess a direct quote from the ALL OF US NIOSH that it is prepared to account for a scientific peer evaluation that is professionally drawn up together with the requisite parameters.

That not any scientist or researcher is willing to embark on the hunt for a truly independent scientific expert review begs the awesome question – is the weather purification industry a big dupery on the consumer? Or do the actual scientists view it as a vain task comparable to hunting for often the Holy Grail – a truth this cannot be grasped?

The inability to reply to these intriguing questions Drs us to greater questions with our 5-Key Factors Unit. The reticence of makers to complete our survey issues based on the said model aiguille us to delve dark.

To recap, the Air Cleanser Review – 5-Key Components Model is as follows:

(1) Safety – about often the reactive agent
(2) Safe practices – about unintentional by-products
(3) Efficacy – often the reactive agents work inside the lab
(4) Efficiency instructions the reactive agents do the job in the real world
(5) Methodical Peer Review

We had recently explained each of the above elements at length. We hope that will manufacturers will see the need to be a little more transparent. After all, we are clients. It is senseless for them to overlook us.

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