How to Get a Boat to Malta


Malta is a small Mediterranean nation located at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It is comprised of three islands—Malta, Gozo, and Comino—each with its rich history and culture that give it distinctive characteristics. Read the Best info about boat rentals Malta.

By renting a boat, you can explore Malta’s stunning beaches, hidden coves, and famous landmarks from the water. June through September are peak months for boat rental services in Malta.


Flights to Malta can be booked through several primary online travel agents. While some offer cheap flight searches, others focus on popular routes or airlines. Expedia searches multiple airline companies to quickly identify the best deal, provides date comparison tools on its search page to quickly compare costs, and offers price guarantees to ensure you receive the lowest price for your trip.

Tourists looking for alternatives to flying can reach Malta by train or ferry, which takes between two and three hours, depending on which type of ferry they choose. Malta is also a popular stopover on cruise ship voyages.

Once in Malta, visitors can explore on foot or via bus – many major attractions are within proximity, and you can view UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as historical landmarks. Some highlights of your exploration may include Upper Baraka Gardens for stunning views over Grand Harbor; Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck for its historical relics from this biblical figure’s shipwreck; and Upper Baraka Gardens that offer panoramic vistas over Upper Baraka Gardens and Upper Harbor Gardens respectively.

Visit Malta is an exciting way to experience its culture. Explore Valletta with its historical landmarks and museums, or spend some time on Gozo – take part in local cuisine tasting sessions and relax by the beach.


Malta is an archipelago surrounded by clear waters, making ferry services an integral component of its infrastructure. Furthermore, many operators provide guided island tours.

Malta makes getting around easy and inexpensive thanks to an efficient bus system with reliable schedules and reasonable fares. Renting a car may also be possible, though traffic in Malta may prove challenging at times, and you should leave enough time for your journey. Taxis may be available, although they tend to be more costly than buses. However, they may be ideal for travelers wanting a quick way to travel through Malta.

Gozo and Comino islands are popular draws for travelers visiting Malta. Gozo boasts scenic spots and an active craft village, while Comino boasts its breathtaking Blue Lagoon. Ferries from Malta run regularly between them both, offering quick and convenient travel between them all year long.

Experience Malta’s local dishes during your visit. These dishes combine influences from Europe and Africa for a unique dining experience. Numerous restaurants throughout the islands feature seafood. Visitors should also sample Malta’s wine and traditional liqueurs; you can buy locally-produced glassware, lace, and cheese as souvenirs.

Car hire

Malta is a small island nation, and car travel is an easy, cost-effective, and enjoyable way to discover more. When driving around Malta, it is essential to be mindful of road rules—drivers in Malta must use only the left side of the road; additionally, roads tend to be narrow and busy at times.

Hertz or other rental car companies offer cost-effective car rentals online before your arrival in Malta. Most are equipped with GPS and ready for pickup at either the airport or downtown location. When making your booking online, be sure to read through and accept their terms and conditions thoroughly, as you will need a valid driver’s license to drive on Malta’s roads.

If driving isn’t your cup of tea, taxis are readily available from major cities and hotels. Taxis operate using a metered fare system and are typically identifiable by their white hue and roof sign. Make sure that any cab you board has a valid meter!

Malta’s ferry services offer another popular mode of transportation. Daily cruises depart Sliema and other ports for the Gozo and Comino Islands, home to scenic views, craft villages, salt pans, and stunning beaches! Make sure to schedule a beach day during your vacation planning process!


Malta is a small but stunning island nation offering plenty to see and do, from its colorful history to gorgeous beaches. Additionally, Malta is one of the densestly populated countries in Europe—this can be seen when visiting any one of its towns or villages; locals are warmly welcoming, and English is widely spoken, so communication shouldn’t be an issue here.

Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is an excellent starting point. Its streets are lined with churches, palaces, and forts, and there are plenty of craft shops and gift stores. From here, it is also easy to access other historic towns such as Mdina and Rabat.

Paceville is another lively nightlife area in Malta. Bars and clubs stay open late into the morning, and there are restaurants and other eateries. Summer months offer ideal temperatures and dry conditions for traveling here.

Malta offers ideal sailing conditions, and there are multiple marinas across the island where you can rent yachts or catamarans for boating trips. Additionally, those with valid sailing licenses may opt for a bareboat charter experience.

Malta is generally considered safe, though it’s wise to safeguard personal items and remain aware of potential scams. Petty theft may occur frequently, but major incidents are relatively unlikely on these islands.