Instagram Marketing – What You Need to Know Before You Start


Whether your business’s goal is to increase sales, build brand recognition or gain customer or market insights – setting clear and measurable goals is the cornerstone of successful Instagram marketing. How to buy Instagram followers Australia.

Create a distinct aesthetic for your Instagram posts and content to ensure a recognizable voice for your business. This should include both images posted as well as captions used.

1. Know Your Audience

Finding your target audience on Instagram is vital to any social media strategy since Instagram’s highly visual nature allows for huge revenue potential from ads. Identifying these customers will be critical to finding success on this central platform.

To gain insight into your target audience on Instagram, begin by reviewing your current followers. This can give you an idea of their age and location demographics, any additional individuals they follow, and the types of posts they engage with, like Reels or static meme posts.

Utilize tools such as Sprout’s Competitive Analysis Report to gain more insights into your competitors’ audiences on Instagram and their demographics, helping you develop ideal customer personas based on accurate data that will allow you to reach your target audience with marketing efforts.

2. Create a Hashtag Strategy

Establishing the appropriate hashtag strategy can help you reach the right audience and enhance the visibility of your content. When selecting hashtags, please consider their volume of posts and whether they make sense for your topic (e.g., #travel or #fashion). Instagram regularly checks hashtag quality and may ban inappropriately used ones from being posted.

Use both popular and niche hashtags for maximum discoverability. Review Post Insights to monitor how many impressions each hashtag brings, then adjust accordingly. Up to 9 hashtags may be included per post, but fewer yield better results. Hashtags should either appear directly in the caption of your Reel post or hidden within comments; keep track of which ones perform the best so you can save time when creating content later on.

3. Create a Content Strategy

No matter the product or catalog being promoted, having a strategy aligned with your marketing goals is critical to reaching them successfully. This should include having a detailed plan defining which content will be produced to promote it in line with the brand voice and aesthetic.

Instagram Reels provide a unique opportunity for building brand awareness through compelling video posts that grab people’s attention. Use Reels to promote new products, offer discounts, or showcase thought leadership pieces about your industry.

Instagram allows users to post photos, videos, and captions for each post. Captions provide an excellent opportunity to tell your brand’s story while building familiarity among your audience. Mindful Chef successfully executes this strategy by posting high contrast, colorful images with captivating captions that provide their customers with information.

4. Create a Reel Strategy

Reels are short, entertaining, and easily-discoverable videos that allow your brand to come to life on Instagram. Reels provide the perfect platform to showcase creativity, promote products or services, provide tutorials, or share tips and tutorials with viewers.

Reel videos can be as straightforward or complicated as desired. From music and transition effects to text inclusion and voiceover narration, reel videos are designed to engage audiences and spark their interest.

Instagram Reels offer businesses an incredible opportunity to give customers an insider view into their operations and keep customers engaged with your brand by showing what happens behind the scenes while giving them a look at what’s new and exciting.

5. Create a Call-to-Action

Adopting a call-to-action strategy is vital to making Instagram marketing successful. From your profile to ads or stories, having an actionable call-to-action helps convert followers into customers and turn followers into customers.

Instagram makes creating calls-to-action easy with its action button feature, offering options explicitly tailored for different businesses.

With Sked Social as your tool of choice, you can design a stunning feed your followers will adore while expanding your following. Furthermore, monitoring both Instagram metrics and those from external platforms will enable you to modify your strategy as necessary and ensure your efforts continue to pay dividends.

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