Modifying a Big Shed Plan to Incorporate a Garage Door


Even if a garage door is not included in the design of your large shed, you can still have one installed. Existing large sheds can have their walls modified to accommodate the new door. Shed garage doors are commonly established on larger sheds to facilitate the storage of heavier pieces of machinery. One of the benefits of a spacious entrance is the ease with which bulkier items, such as motorcycles and lawnmowers, may be brought in and out of the shed. It may be possible to install more oversized doors in a small hut with long walls, improving access to the shed. An overhead panel door needs roughly a foot of clearance on each side, another foot of support above, and a spot to rest when it’s open. This quick guide will cover the basics of installing a shed garage door, including measuring and putting in the header beam.

Choices for Shed Doors

Overhead panel doors are widely utilized as storage shed garage entrances. It comprises four rigid panels and is attached to the others through lengthy hinges. The door glides up and out of the way on rails. The open tool is laid out flat directly below the shed ceiling. Insulated and non-insulated panel doors are also available. A second choice is a door that can be rolled into a coil. Much more leeway is afforded. Materials include plastic and metal. They, too, are rolled up on rails on either side of the entrance, but the coil is kept in a convenient location above the opening.

The Header Beam is Being Put In

When cutting a hole in the wall of a shed, a beam must be erected to support the roof. The wider the gap, the wider the shaft must be. Beams are typically large enough to merit consulting a beam sizing chart or calling the engineer who knows about rays to ensure the roof structure will support the shed garage door. Beam manufacturers typically have an in-house engineering division where they give away free beam sizing advice. Get in touch with them either by phone or via a nearby timber dealer. They may want a PDF of your large shed blueprints, which you can provide. To ensure they fully grasp your intended use for the beam. The beam can be bought after the appropriate size has been determined.

Door Mounting Instructions

These are severe recommendations for hanging the door. The retailer often handles the door’s installation. Roll-up panel doors usually have a framed opening the same size as the door. The door’s side rails are secured to the beam through wooden supports. There will be a space on each side of the door because the opening and the door are the same size. Trimming the door aperture with 2×6 boards serves to conceal this space. This reduces the width of the door by 3 inches and the height by one and a half inches. It will complete the door and make it seem better.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have a much easier time modifying your huge shed plans to incorporate a shed garage door. The shed garage door is the pinnacle of large shed accessories, and with these pointers, you may add one to your 12×16 shed plan or another similar large shed design.

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