Privacy Window Film Singapore


Privacy window film Singapore can be applied to home, office, and car windows for an invisible barrier against external views while adding a beautiful frosted aesthetic. Best way to find the window film singapore.

Our functional solar and privacy films are equipped with technologies designed to increase energy efficiency, comfort, aesthetics, and security – while remaining hassle-free and long-term durable.


Blackout window film, more commonly called ‘limo tint,’ provides your windows with a darkened tint from within while permitting clear vision from outside. Unlike matte translucent films, which transmit light through their transmission mechanism, blackout privacy window film provides complete darkness, allowing for complete privacy in either home or office spaces.

BLACKOUT PRIVACY FILM is designed for rooms requiring complete view-shielding and offers 24-hour privacy during daytime and nighttime, day/night use, or with torch illumination. In addition, this film helps reduce heat while blocking UV rays – it features a matte black professional fine sand texture on its interior side and adhesive solid backing that lasts many years.

This privacy window film can be applied to all flat glass surfaces and works great on single or double-paned windows, offering our clients maximum privacy and light control.  The most popular choice among our clients!


Window film offers many solutions for increasing home and business privacy. Blackout films provide evening privacy; clear film options use spectrally selective silver-sputtered materials in various tones to provide daytime privacy. Window films can help minimize the glare of sunlight while offering you an unobstructed view through glass surfaces, helping reduce heat and glare inside homes or offices, saving money on energy bills. One of the top providers of these types of films is Pacco Window Film; their team has over three decades of experience serving customer satisfaction by providing quality products at competitive prices.


Frosted window film offers privacy without blocking the view from outside, making it perfect for offices and restrooms requiring guaranteed privacy. Plus, more sunlight enters your room, helping reduce energy costs. Frosted tinting is also an excellent choice for residential homes as its easy installation and removal make reapplication simple and multiple reapplications possible. Moreover, it contains no glue, making cleanup much more straightforward.

Singapore’s premier window tinting company delivers exceptional customer service and superior results. Their team comprises experienced professionals who can assist you in selecting the ideal window film to meet your needs, from explaining differences among types to helping you choose one suitable for home or office usage. Their services are offered to both domestic and commercial clients alike.

Miredo Asia is a premier provider of functional window film in Singapore, featuring products designed with advanced proprietary patented technologies and top-grade materials. Miredo’s solar films are trusted by companies worldwide, such as JR Japan railway trains and Bvlgari Orchard Tower tenants; now, these high-quality products have made their way to Singapore to offer eco-friendly solutions to consumers and businesses alike.

Tintsy Cool International is a window tinting service offering consumers essential automotive, architectural, and safety films across all markets. Utilizing technology for high performance and guaranteed results, this window tinting company offers various films such as frost-proofed reflective solar and reflective frosted to meet the needs of homeowners and business owners alike backed by warranties and free consultations.

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