Ps4 Year In Review – An issue that prospective console customers will ask many times over the following years is which is the better gaming console, the Sony PlayStation several, or the Microsoft Xbox One particular? In this article, we look at each gaming console’s specific technical details and compare them in opposition to each other.

PS4 v Xbox 360 system One – CPU

Ps4 Year In Review – In the center of any gaming console will be its processor. It is in charge of the machine’s raw power while also linking each of the other components such RAM MEMORY, hard disk drive, the graphics chip, and optical drive.

The particular PS4 and Xbox One particular use very similar CPUs, the two using the Jaguar architecture produced by AMD and consisting of a couple of quad-core modules giving a full of 8-core units.

Ps4 Year In Review – Often the Xbox One runs on 1 . 75GHz, although it seemed to be specified initially as – 6GHz increased previously to launch by Microsoft planners. The PlayStation’s processor acceleration has not been officially released using Sony, although it is said using industry experts to be running on 1 . 6GHz. Although this can be slower than the Xbox, it can be a relatively small difference.

The reason is unlikely to provide the Xbox live with any noticeable hands-on advantage. There is also an indication that Sony product has a raised feature where the CPU acceleration can be momentarily increased if CPU intensive demand develops. However, this has not been recently confirmed by the manufacturer.

Ps4 Year In Review – A bonus of both consoles employing very similar architecture is that providing games for each system hasn’t got to be approached from a couple of different technical perspectives. A new title written for the PS4 is free to be ported across to the Xbox, Just one without any significant re-engineering. That principle also applies to LAPTOP OR COMPUTER versions of games as the CPU used is a COMPUTER derived x86 architecture, although the graphics processing is also PC-based.

Both units use an Accelerated Processing Product (or APU) setup. This technique has both the CPU and also GPU (graphics processing unit) contained on one chip. These kinds of new-generation consoles use AMD’s third-generation lower-strength APU architecture.

Xbox One particular v PS4 – Visuals Processing

Ps4 Year In Review – Both consoles use AMD GPU based on the Radeon HD 7000 series of employees’ computer graphics cards. In some niches, there are differences between the couple. On paper, the PS4 visuals processor is 40 % more powerful 1, with 152 shader processors allowing any throughput of 1. 84 teraflops compared to the 768 shader processor chips of the Xbox One, offering it a throughput of 1. 31 teraflops.

To counteract this debt, Microsoft decided to increase their particular GPU speed pre-launch from your standard 800MHz used by the specific HD 7000 chip to 853MHz. It is unlikely that a slight increase in clock velocity would offer a noticeable development with the extra processing power in the PS4, allowing it to perform a lot more tasks simultaneously, in theory enabling more impressive visual effects.

Xbox 360 system One v PlayStation 5 – RAM

Ps4 Year In Review – The Nintendo console also edges often the Xbox on Random Easy access Memory (RAM) specification, together with the PlayStation4 using GDDR5 GOOD OLD RAM, while the One has considerably more conventional DDR3 memory. Equally, units have 8GB associated with RAM.

The GDDR5 MEMORY is designed for intensive programs such as graphics cards since it has a much higher bandwidth, as high as 100GB/sec more than the DDR3. To counter this deficit, the actual Xbox One also has the 32MB eSRAM frame barrier to help bridge the difference between the two RAM kinds.


Ps4 Year In Review – With a more powerful GRAPHICS and faster memory, any difficulty. The PS4 marginally away does the Xbox for real graphics power. Despite these types of advantages, the Microsoft item comes back with a slightly quicker processor (by around ten percent) and the inclusion of an SRAM buffer to free the load on the Xbox 360 One’s main memory.

Taking most of these factors into account, it isn’t easy to proclaim one console better than the other. The issue as to which is the best system would, in reality, depend on the actual consumer’s personal preference upon matters such as the feel from the controller, software features, along with exclusive games. Thanks for studying.