Shipping a Car to Another State


Transporting your car from state to state may be necessary – whether you’re an auto dealer selling vehicles to customers across the country or moving for work – here’s how you can do it efficiently and affordably. Select the Premium Auto Shipping.

Before hiring a company to ship your vehicle, research all available options and costs. Compare online quotes before selecting the ideal provider for you.


The cost of auto transport varies significantly depending on vehicle type, size, and destination, as well as the chosen method of transportation. Before choosing an auto shipping company, it is advisable to conduct research beforehand and read online reviews; furthermore, it’s wise to remember seasonal factors, as summer/winter prices tend to increase significantly more quickly when more people are shifting across.

Truck transport can be the most cost-effective and accessible method of car shipping, costing from $0.70 to $1 per mile depending on the distance traveled and including fuel, insurance, and any applicable fees.

Fill the gas tank up prior to transporting your vehicle; this will reduce weight and minimize additional damages during transit. Also, make sure that any existing damage is noted on its bill of lading at pickup, and any new damages must be confirmed at delivery.

When shipping your car, seek out a reputable company with excellent customer service, discuss your requirements, and request a quote. Be sure to specify whether open or enclosed transportation is desired, along with an expected date of arrival of your vehicle – some companies even provide guaranteed pickup service with 24-hour guaranteed pickup timeframes!

Distance can also play a crucial role in the cost of shipping a car; generally speaking, the further your pickup and drop-off locations are apart, the more costly your shipping cost may be. Also, keep in mind that rural destinations typically feature less reliable roads, which makes their shipping costs higher than urban ones.

Average car transport prices typically range between $2,000-$4,000 depending on the destination and method of shipment. To minimize expenses, shippers advise reserving early; some companies even provide discounts for early bookings! You should also consider checking whether the company offers any insurance coverage, though it’s usually unnecessary but beneficial just in case something goes wrong during transportation.


When shipping a car across state lines, specific requirements must be fulfilled in order to do so safely and securely. You should find an auto transport company with both licenses and insurance so you can rest easy knowing your car will reach its destination safely in its original condition. Also, check with them regarding their insurance coverage policy before hiring them!

There are various methods available for shipping cars across states, but auto transport companies provide the easiest and most cost-effective solution. No matter whether it’s for work or personal reasons, this hassle-free option makes moving cars much simpler; these companies will arrange pickup and delivery as well as provide an estimate of shipping costs so that you can compare prices across states.

Make sure you obtain quotes from at least three car shipping companies to get the most competitive pricing, taking into account your unique needs and vehicle specifications. They should require information such as pickup point, drop off location, and whether or not open or enclosed transportation is desired. Also, ensure they have an excellent Better Business Bureau rating and offer guaranteed pickup service.

Consideration should also be given when shipping your car out-of-state as to whether the costs outweigh the benefits. While professional car shipping companies tend to be much cheaper than driving it yourself, gas can add up quickly, and you should also factor in time lost at work and wear and tear on your vehicle as part of this equation.

Before shipping your vehicle across state lines, take photographs and note any existing damage. In case your car gets damaged during transport, having evidence can help with filing a claim, and keeping an extra set of keys is also advised just in case they get misplaced during shipment.


Millions of Americans annually move their vehicles. From moving across states for work or changing residences to simply switching pads – shipping your car can be an ideal way to avoid the extra stress and expense of driving yourself. Before choosing a company to ship your vehicle, though, there are a few key things you must keep in mind before selecting one: making sure your car has been inspected prior to pick up by a carrier; cleaning both inside and out to showcase any scratches or dents clearly for reporting to driver or company representative; getting it inspected prior to pickup by carrier will help prevent accidental damages during transport by carrier preventing incidental injuries during transport if this could happen!

Once you’ve compared multiple quotes from companies, choose the one that meets both your needs and budget. Keep in mind that service costs will depend on various factors, including distance and type of order; generally speaking, longer shipping times and higher levels of service will cost more; to cut costs, try shipping during off-peak periods like wintertime.

An essential consideration in shipping any vehicle is its type and model. Certain cars are more costly to transport than others, and some require special permits in order to do so legally. Furthermore, specific models of vehicles contain more expensive parts that may need replacing during the transportation process.

Selecting an effective vehicle shipping method depends on its size, condition, and distance between states. There are various modes available, such as air transport, rail shipping, and truck shipping, and each has its advantages and disadvantages – for instance, train shipping can be convenient when transporting to remote locations but may not be optimal if quick shipping times are desired.

Shipping your car to another state takes some time. Depending on its distance from you and where it needs to go, state-to-state auto shipping orders could take between one and 12 days for delivery. Be sure to visit your chosen shipping company’s website in order to learn more about the time frames for each service they provide; less reputable providers may give intentionally low quotes to entice booking before increasing prices after your booking has taken place.

Guaranteed pickup service

Customer service should be an essential consideration when selecting a car shipping company. Select one that has a strong standing within its industry and offers various services – guaranteed pickup dates, in particular, are helpful if your car needs shipping quickly – though usually, companies with guaranteed pickup dates charge more.

The price for car shipping depends on several factors, including its type and condition, time of year, and fuel prices. Car carriers usually book their routes months in advance, so the sooner you reserve one, the cheaper it will be. Furthermore, pricing varies significantly based on size and weight – larger vehicles require more space and cost more to transport.

The choice of delivery method will also have an impact on the cost of shipping your car. While door-to-door delivery can be convenient and less expensive for those living farther from cities, terminal-to-terminal may offer better value; your vehicle will be collected and brought directly to a central location where truck drivers have easy access.

Finding a reliable car shipping company is easier than ever with various resources at your disposal, such as reading online reviews, visiting an auto transport broker’s website, and checking its Better Business Bureau rating. When searching for such an organization, look for one with an A+ rating and outstanding customer service that works towards quickly solving any issues on time.

Some car shipping companies provide added perks to attract customers, including free car washes and guaranteed pickup dates. Some offer price lock guarantees to prevent your shipping rates from increasing after you book a reservation. It is best to inquire about their terms and conditions prior to signing on with any service; be mindful that if you cancel, the deposit amount may become due immediately.

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