The Easiest Way to Hook Up a Spy Camera to Your PC


Most modern covert cameras are meant to be connected to a TV for live viewing or an old VCR for recording and reviewing surveillance footage later. Only a tiny fraction of the population can capture and see footage from a covert camera on their computer. This article provides step-by-step instructions on acquiring and installing the hardware required to see and record secret surveillance footage on your computer and access that footage from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

We can only confirm the functionality of these covert cameras in this environment, while it is expected that most covert cameras will function normally. Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, the Hidden Camera VISEC Software-Hardware System will allow your hidden camera to work usually.

The GrabBee II is necessary for connecting any covert camera, wired or wireless, to a personal computer. The GrabBee II connects your concealed or wireless camera to your PC. The GrabBee II can digitize analog video feeds via a computer’s USB interface. With the simple Plug & Play setup, you can attach as many cameras as your computer has USB ports. The package includes the necessary cords and software to get it up and running. Version 2.0 of GrabBee

Instructions for Setup:

Your computer’s OS will be damaged if you don’t perform these procedures in the specified order. These instructions apply ONLY to versions of Windows that are newer than XP. Please use the included documentation for assistance with Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000 or any other operating system.

First things first:

* Check your most recent Windows updates installed by visiting

* If possible, unplug all other USB devices.

* Exit all applications except those required by Windows XP.

The Grab Bee II must be connected to a computer’s USB port in step 1.

Secondly, hold off until the “Found New Hardware Wizard” appears. (At this point, you should stop and read the directions carefully before doing anything else.)

Place the red and purple CDs from the Multimedia Installation Kit into the CD player. A prompt box labeled “Video Home- 32BG” may appear upon CD insertion. To skip to the next stage, select Cancel.

4) Select No, Not now, on the Found New Hardware Wizard dialogue box, then click Next.

5) Select Next, and then select Install from a list or specific location (advanced).

6) Next, navigate to the CD-ROM Drive where you inserted the CD by clicking the BROWSE button and then the + symbol next to MY COMPUTER; the drive’s label should read “Video Home- 32GB.”

7) Select the plus sign next to it, navigate to the Grab Bee 2 folder, select the plus sign next to it, and finally, select the driver folder.

8) Select the folder you want, click OK, then click NEXT.

9) the computer will look in the directory you selected for a DRIVER for the Grab Bee 2 device.

When step 10’s Hardware Installation window appears once the computer has located the driver, select Continue Anyway to move on.

After step 11, you may install software on your device by clicking the Finish button. You can now use the disk you bought to install the Visec software. After the program has been installed, the computer is ready for use.

Get out your Grab Bee II and hidden camera and plug them in. Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver from your hidden wireless camera to the Grab Bee II.

Software from VISEC:

The installer is a cutting-edge piece of software designed by top-tier programmers at NASA.

The following capabilities are available in this program.

Keep an eye on the family pet, the babysitter, and the kids!

* Access from anywhere in the globe with an internet connection.

Access live and archived video instantly through your computer’s IP address.

You can either keep track of all motion on camera or record everything.

* On motion detection mode, you will receive an email, text message, or push notification on your mobile device.

The application can also be used covertly as a surveillance system on your computer. Concerned about an abusive nanny or an unfaithful partner? Just switch to the private mode in VISEC and record everything that happens.

The VISEC interface is straightforward. It will take no more than 5 minutes to set up everything.

Setting up a covert camera to work with your computer used to be very expensive. But with VISEC, you can transform your PC into a robust monitoring system at a fraction of the price of a conventional security setup. There are no recurring costs while using VISEC, and the one-time fee includes free updates for life.

As a reminder,

A snapshot will be taken every six seconds during remote viewing over the Internet. Real-time video is not what you’re seeing.

Glenn Frieboth, CEO of GLC Enterprises, Inc. in Illinois, writes on recent developments in surveillance technology. To learn more about a covert camera that may be linked to your PC, visit.

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