The Role of Email Marketing in Increasing Financial Success


I wasn’t surprised when a customer said, “You market your stuff way too much,” on a coaching call the other day.

What do you mean by “my stuff” and “too much,” I asked.

If not Rose (not her actual name), then Rose (not her real name) answered, “I get emails from you several times a week with links to buy Training CDs & Courses.”

Then I inquired, “How do you take that?”

Rose remarked, “It just makes me uneasy.”

What exactly makes you feel uneasy? I probed.

When asked why she didn’t enjoy it, Rose said, “I’m not sure.”

I asked, “Let me get this straight — your unease stems from my email marketing. “Are you sure you don’t mean that the advertising I’ve sent makes you feel bad about who you are?”

That’s what I mean,” Rose said in response.

“So why do you think that is?” I inquired.

“I don’t know,” was her response.

I re-asked Rose, “Why are you so reluctant to have me introduce you to useful resources from which you can grow and prosper?”

I don’t know, but it seems everyone is always trying to sell me stuff,” she sighed. You’re not alone; anybody with an online presence also has training materials. People are continuously trying to sell you something.

My question to Rose was, “How much money did you make from your online business in the past year?”

“Not much,” she mumbled.

My question was, “How much is not much?”

“Roughly $500,” she estimated.

What’s more, I inquired, “About how many times per week do you send emails to your opt-in list?”

A lack of an opt-in list was the reason she gave.

My next question was, “how much valuable information did you provide last year to people who have either yes or no to your business opportunity?”

“Most likely none,” she replied.

I wanted to know.

She said in response.

And then I inquired, “How many people subscribed to hear what you had to say last year or requested to look at your networking business?”

I don’t know,” she mused. Just a few,”

Interesting, Rose, I remarked. I spent maybe two or three hours per week constructing emails to my subscribers, offering them precious information through email marketing. Last year I made close to $200,000 on top of my primary six-figure mlm income by providing them both.

In the past few years, my wife and I have taken a total of eight vacations, during which we have gone on three cruises and spent two weeks in Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Florida, New York, California, and a few other locations in between, and have been paid for all of our time away from the office.

I’ve been quoted as saying, “I give away a ton of free advice, training, and information that, if applied to people’s businesses every day, would make them a fortune.”

I not only teach individuals who recognize the value of this philosophy how to do the same through the sale of training materials, but I also enroll clients into my core mlm business on the back end, generating passive revenue for the foreseeable future.

Can you, Rose, resist my advertising because you still struggle to accept who you are?

Rose interrogated, “What do you mean?”

I advised her, “Rose, you resist the offers and get offended because you are not yet comfortable enough with yourself to allow others to share great ideas and information without feeling guilty for not buying and investing in their products.”

Maybe you’re worried that this knowledge could help you succeed, so you don’t think you deserve it.

Most people, you see, find that success undermines all their hard work. They would feel bereft if they achieved achievement without continuing to face the internal battle they have been accustomed to.

And I continued, “Rose, I can get into just about anyone else’s environment, whether inspiring, uninspiring, empowering, or disempowering. There may be hostility or physical confrontation, but I am not easily rattled.

Although I can relate to how others are feeling, I don’t let myself be swept up in the excitement or confusion that others are experiencing. Instead, I focus on them as a research subject, learning about what they think, why they believe it, and how it affects their daily lives and professional endeavors.

Listening to the successes and failures of others fascinates me.

I was so receptive to learning from the experts, even when I had no money, that I was soon able to achieve remarkable success. Indeed, everyone who became a master was first a failure. You won’t be an exception.

I have learned that sending emails (or direct mail) frequently isn’t bad, as long as the offers are reasonable and there is real value being presented, by investing in myself by reading and listening to as much as possible from those who have come before me and applying what I have learned daily.

Studying the most excellent accessible marketing courses and analyzing how they were constructed to elicit a purchase will give you a thorough grounding in the psychology of marketing, allowing you to aid others in achieving their goals and your own.

When considering the big picture, it is essential to evaluate your annual business earnings compared to the industry “gurus.” You are either not applying what they teach or not helping enough others if you are making $500 a year.

Would you be interested in learning how to send a couple or few emails per week that are filled with value and bring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into your bank account each year so that you can spend quality time at home with your family, travel, or do whatever the heck you want with the rest of your life?

If you give it some thought, you’ll realize that most of us marketers learned from the marketers who came before us, many of whom learned from those who came before them.

Then we implement what we’ve learned in our own business, be it multi-level marketing, direct sales, or something more conventional.

In other words, we should all find someone or a group who has already achieved our goals and model their actions after theirs.

The more you fight against being sold, the harder it is.

I spend at least thirty to sixty minutes a day or night learning from the experts in this field by reading their emails, ebooks, and training courses and listening to their CDs. These people may send three, four, or even five emails per week to their lists, but they are constantly marketing because they know that each email brings them one step closer to making a sale.

Because of this, I am now well-versed in website development, blogging, list building, ad copywriting, multi-level marketing, and marketing my way to financial independence.

The basic message is this: If the marketing comes from people willing to help you succeed, you shouldn’t resent it.

If you learn to harness the potential of email, websites, and attraction marketing, you might be able to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income.

There is plenty of work for everyone.

Advertise the services, products, and courses of others.

After Rose and I ended our coaching session, she bought all of Mike Dillard’s books, including Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, and MLM Traffic Formula. She signed up for both Black Belt Recruiting and the Inner Circle Newsletter.

When she puts Mike and his group’s advice into practice, her front-end profits will increase, and her back-end profits will also. If you do it in the correct order, it’s easy.

The same way that I, and countless others, did.

Let’s do this thing if it’s convenient for YOU.

Until I write again, bye!

Rashiahn Aaron

Since 2004, MLM expert Aaron Rashkin has earned an annual salary in the six figures thanks to his team’s success, which now includes about 10,000 members in 14 countries and generates millions of dollars in revenue. To receive his To the Top Newsletter, Top 10 Success Principles, HOT Leadership Tips, and Best of the Best Prospecting Training visit [].

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