Using Forecast Tweak, you can make the weather app your lock screen.


A practical workaround exists for individuals who find the blank Lock screen intolerable. With Forecast, you can equip your jailbroken iOS device with a weather-themed lock screen that updates in real-time and features rich information and interactive animations.

It will replace the lock screen by providing helpful information through a weather-based widget. Thankfully, iOS and AMR64-device compatibility is prioritized in the tweak.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Forecast, your lock screen will automatically show an animation from the Weather app, customized for your current location or the city you’ve set as your default. In addition, in the bottom right corner of the lock screen display, you may view more details, such as the current temperature, a description of the weather, and the day’s high and low temperatures.

Change Predictable Elements and Choices

Forecast essentially swaps out the Slide to unlock feature for a weather widget in the bottom left corner of the lock screen. You can get a more in-depth weather prediction without unlocking your phone when you swipe left from the Lock screen and open prediction.

The tweak collects data on the local climate, including the live wallpaper, from your mutual location. Forecast, created by DBA Technologies, has an animated lock screen and home screen wallpapers based on the current weather.

Neither the lock screen nor the home screen’s animated wallpaper updated perfectly to reflect the current weather, thanks to issues with the data refresh. Therefore, you might have to wait a little longer for the snow to fall on your desktop wallpaper.

Contrary to popular belief, the animated wallpapers on your home screen and lock screen will not slow down your device in any way. However, if you are concerned about your device’s performance, you may quickly disable the feature to avoid draining the battery.

In addition, the preferences panel of this adjustment offers a wide range of controls. If you go to the app’s Settings and look at “Forecast,” you’ll find choices like:

demonstrating the present climate;

– making the current weather text and icons darker;

– displaying the weather prediction;

– making the prediction more gloomy

– displaying the moving background;

You may tailor the Forecast to fit your requirements and preferences in many different ways, as you can see. You can disable the animated backgrounds and other location-based features if you only want to use the weather widget.

There are, however, a handful of drawbacks to this helpful weather adjustment, as several users have pointed out. Despite its valuable features, Forecast isn’t compatible with other lock screen extensions like AppBox and JellyLock, which could be a deal breaker for some users. You don’t have to if you’re using one of these and prefer to keep it. If so, utilizing Forecast could provide some challenges.

Using other lock screen extensions or widgets may increase your risk of experiencing similar issues, so be ready for them. You should know about this change if you’re still using the factory Lock screen.

Setting up Weather Prediction Modifier

Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to give Forecast a try on your iOS device:

– On the Weather app’s initial screen, ensure your location is correctly configured.

Start Cydia.

Looking for a Prognosis

Get the app, set it up, then reboot your smartphone.

The mod is available for purchase in the ModMyi repository. In addition, the bundle is available at no cost to those who already own a prior version of Forecast; for more great Cydia apps and customizations on your newly jailbroken iOS device,

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