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All about Xcom 2 review:

Xcom 2 review – Xcom Enemy Within occurs as a standalone expansion for the consoles and separately for the PC. Console versions provide the original Xcom Enemy Unidentified, as well as all previous DLC, including Project Slingshot and the additional customization DLCs likewise, along with the Enemy Within enlargement.

Xcom 2 review – Xcom Enemy Within is the first significant expansion to get Xcom Enemy Unknown, comprising new gameplay additions and modifications, such as MEC Troopers, genetically modified Enemy, a whole new enemy to fight (EXALT), as well as new alien forms and council missions. Xcom Enemy Within also includes countless other new maps, with old maps modified slightly to go by the new MELD gameplay technician, other multiplayer atlases, and brand new second Samsung s8500 options.

The other gameplay motion does a fine job that they are implemented without altering the game’s core aspects. It would help if you chose whether the MELD bins are worth your troops’ risk and how you will often spend the MELD you do gather. Do you create MEC Troopers, ancestral soldiers, or a mix of equally? It is up to you!


Xcom 2 review – MELD is a new alien system feature on maps this applies to genetic modifications connected with soldiers or creating MEC Troopers and their MEC agrees with. There will be three sources of MELD on the map, which need to be reached by a soldier and activated before the timer in it goes off, dealing damage to almost any nearby units. MELD is not an infinite source; every missed opportunity will not be current if you revisit the same guide.

You can gather several MELD from destroying Mectoids, and I believe Elite Floaters as well, but the gains will be small compared to the MELD storage units on the map. The MELD gives you a choice of risk vs. reward, and it plays out there very well. One MELD gift basket will generally be near your units, and the additional one in a more remote place away from your teams, asking the question of whether it genuinely is worth risking the life of your respective soldiers.

MEC Troopers

Xcom 2 review – MEC Troopers are a unique add-on to the game, allowing even more strategic options of heavier firepower at the cost of permanently setting up a selected soldier a MEC Trooper. Any volunteer for that MEC Trooper program could have their limbs amputated and replaced with cybernetic limbs, allowing them to operate the new MEC Suits.

Xcom 2 review – However, any MEC Trooper will never be allowed to use conventional weaponry, nor his or her human skill set again, and you will forever be a part of the MEC Suits and will sport an even more robotic voice. This gives up gives them access to the actual powerful MEC Suits, letting them use heavy weaponry, like mini-guns, rail cannons, molecule cannons, grenade launchers, or anything else.

Xcom 2 review – There are three-tier renovations to the suits, which you will probably pick one option between each. Do you choose a flamethrower, possibly the Kinetic Strike Module, because you cannot have both in addition to operates similar to regular people skillsets? They will also hold on to their stats before croissants, so it’s best to arrange them for higher graded soldiers.

Before becoming a MEC Trooper, their original type gives them a new passive buff, and they will amount up to and gain entirely new skill sets for the MEC trooper as they get endorsed. They are great when you need to generate heavy firepower, mainly against Mectoids and Sectopods, and other substantial firepower sections. You can also set them on with a support role, employing refreshing mist, and becoming a new shield for different areas, so the options are up to you!