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All about xcom 2 switch review:

TAKE NOTE: xcom 2 switch review, Xcom Enemy Within arrives as a standalone expansion within the PC’s consoles and separately. Console versions provide the original Xcom Enemy Not known and all previous DLC, including Project Slingshot and the additional customization DLCs, along with the Enemy Within growth.

Xcom 2 switch review – Xcom Enemy Within may be the first major expansion about Xcom Enemy Unknown that contains new gameplay additions and modifications, such as MEC Troopers, modified genetic Enemy, a brand new enemy to fight (EXALT), as well as new alien kinds and council missions. Xcom Enemy Within also includes much more new maps, with old maps modified slightly to stick to the new MELD gameplay auto technician and other multiplayer roadmaps and brand new second influx options.

The additional gameplay technicians do a fine job to be implemented without altering the game’s basic core aspects. You will need to choose whether the MELD canisters are worth your troops’ risk and how you will spend the MELD typically you do gather. Does one create MEC Troopers, hereditary soldiers, or a mix of each? It is up to you!


Xcom 2 switch review – MELD is a new alien gadget feature on maps that apply to soldiers’ genetic modifications or create MEC Troopers and their MEC fits. There will be two sources of MELD on the map, which should be reached by a soldier after which activated before the timer onto it goes off, dealing damage to any nearby units. MELD is not an infinite source.

Every missed opportunity will not be existing if you visit the same chart again. You can gather a few MELD from destroying Mectoids, and I believe Elite Floaters as well, but the gains are small compared to the MELD storage containers on the map. The MELD gives you a choice of risk compared to the reward, and it plays away very well. One MELD textbox will generally be near your units, and some other in a more remote area away from your units, pleading whether it is worth risking the lives of the soldiers.

MEC Troopers

Xcom 2 switch review – MEC Troopers are a unique inclusion to the game, allowing for more strategic options of heavier firepower at the cost of permanently creating a selected soldier a MEC Trooper. Any volunteer for your MEC Trooper program should have their limbs amputated and replaced with cybernetic limbs that can allow them to operate the new MEC Suits.

However, any MEC Trooper will never be allowed to employ conventional weaponry or the human skillset again. It will likely forever be part of the MEC Suits ad with a much more robotic voice. This loses them access to better protect powerful MEC Suits, permitting them to use heavy weaponry, such as mini-guns, rail cannons, molecule cannons, grenade launchers, etc.

Xcom 2 switch review – There are three tier updates to the suits, which you can pick one option between them. Do you pick a flamethrower and Kinetic Strike Module, while you cannot have both as well as operates similar to regular human being skill sets? They will also maintain their stats before enhancement, so its best to book them for higher-rated soldiers.

Xcom 2 switch review – Before becoming a MEC Trooper, their original course also gives them the passive buff, and they will degree up and gain brand new skill sets for the MEC trooper as they get advertised. They are great when you need them for growing the heavy firepower, particularly against Mectoids and Sectopods and other strong firepower models. You can also set them on with a support role, utilizing refreshing mist and becoming the shield for other models, so the options are up to you!

Hereditary Modifications

Xcom 2 switch review – Genetically modifying your soldiers with MELD leads to brand new strategic options for your soldiers. As you perform autopsies on the aliens, you will discover brand new modification options for the troops. There are five different areas that your soldier can go through surgery for.

Brain, Upper body, Eyes, Legs, and Pores and skin are the options available for changes as you discover new possibilities. These options offer intriguing gameplay choices, such as larger leg strength to hop onto buildings, Bio-electric skin area allowing you to sense nearby adversaries without alerting them, along with making yourself immune for you to strangulation (Seeker attack).

You can give his/her brain sensory feedback, which will cause psi strikes against them to be repelled back to the attacker, triggering a great deal of damage and getting all their psi attacks about cooldown.