You have made Some Affiliate Income; now, What?


Many people venture straight into Internet affiliate marketing a bit nervous about what they’re doing, but they are pretty excited about the possibilities.

This became the case with my girl. She started a site about one of her favorite matters: books! When a man or woman thinks of books, they believe in Amazon. Com, once a bit of prodding from us (she’d probably tell you after the LOT of prodding from us), she acquired down to the business of creating your ex-site using images along with links from Amazon.

The girl put a great site with each other, with reviews, links to, and recommendations about all her favorite books. This lady created many unique written content for visitors and employed FrontPage to put the site together.

(As a side be aware, for beginners, FrontPage is the form of program that, if you take a moment with it for a while, and you recognize Microsoft Office programs, you undoubtedly can figure out how it works. This is especially valid because of all the tutorials look for online about how to make the system do the things you want to do. Therefore back to the story. )

The girlfriend then signed up for the actual Amazon. Com affiliate program (Amazon called it a good ‘associate program’) started creating individual product hyperlinks to resell the publications she’d reviewed.

Six months later, she’d not spent much time with her site but had been getting about 10-15 visitors/day from Google and other search engines like google, and eventually, she made the girl’s first affiliate sale! It was awesome and resulted in $10 in commissions on her. She made her very first $10 of passive cash flow!

Today, it’s six months after she recently renewed your ex-site for another year, and it’s left her wondering; Fine, I’ve made some cash flow from my site, so what on earth now?

Many people result in this position today. They’ve built some money on a website via affiliate programs or their items, but they don’t know what route to take next.

The subsequent direction is to take the period site a bit more seriously. This won’t mean that you can’t have fun focusing on your site or that you must boost the time you spend working on this daily.

What it does mean is you have got to inspect what you anticipate. If you don’t know how people find you on your site, what they may do while they’re generally there, and what causes them to keep your site, then you can expect to continue wondering, “Now what? Inch as you go through the process of creating your site. However, if you look at and know what your site visitors are doing and how it comes to your website, you can change your site to meet the needs of the people visiting your pages more effectively. When you offer visitors what they seek, they’re more likely to purchase, which suggests increased commissions and cash flow.

So here are a few simple things to review and tips for increasing your traffic, sales, and, ultimately, earnings.

#1 Review Your Site

It can be time to improve your web style, copywriting, and sales abilities.

Check out your web website, and have some friends take a look at your site. Have everyone attempt to take an objective view, like a new visitor would, to view your site.

Web Design

Does every page of your website have a tag?

Are the sites easily navigate-able?

Can website visitors see where they’re with on the site and how to get exactly where they want to go? Remember, any time someone comes from a search engine, they might come to any page within your site, so you want them to be capable of getting exactly where they want to go in while few clicks as possible.

Could be the color scheme okay intended for visitors?

Are you providing reputable content, or are you wanting to “trick” the search engines into bringing you traffic? (I’ll offer you a hint on this one: If you want long-term success, give attention to providing excellent content long-lasting. )

Copywriting and revenue

Are you asking visitors to acquire something in a way that’s frustrating or pushy?

Are you setting up a recommendation and letting guests decide for themselves?

Are you merely putting a link on the site wishing that, eventually, someone may click and purchase?

Does the website offer incentives or confidence for visitors to purchase no matter what it is on that webpage?

By knowing the answers to those questions and reviewing your blog for a lot of the little issues with gross sales and web design, you can improve the experience for your person and the number of readers who become shoppers.

#2 Review Your Affiliate Programs

Do you have other relevant programs you can contribute to?

Are the programs you initially signed up for paying you anywhere you can get elsewhere?

I recently revealed that the author of an e-book I was selling was through The amazon online marketplace. Com’s associate program acquired his affiliate program to help resell his books. I immediately switched, so that I got reselling the book using him; when I found out, however pay me a much higher portion than Amazon. Now, do not get me wrong. I like the particular Amazon affiliate program a lot. Still, I can sell the same product or service and make double the money by switching directly to offering the book through the creator.

Provided the information is presented in an accurate and ethical approach, and the product sold will be the same, I will change affiliate products in a heartbeat if the revenue makes it worthwhile. You should consider precisely the same for every affiliate product you sell because the difference between 10% and 15% can also add up quickly, even with small ticket items.

#3 Review your traffic

If you, about this point as an official web page owner, haven’t been pursuing your traffic, then you have got to start! You have to start now! I’m talking about it!

If you’re not pursuing the traffic that arrives at your site with a suitable data method, stop perusing this article right now, build a tracking method in your site, and come back to this post when you get statistics created on your site!

Statistics will be the ONLY way you will know precisely what is working and what isn’t. I want to give you an example of why you will need to have statistics available to you.

UPS will be today a multi-billion money company. UPS knows the number of employees in a given location, how many boxes can be crammed on a truck, how long it will take to load the truck, the time it takes for the driver to drive the truck, and how long it takes to get everything supplied. These are all statistical facts that they have available to them.

Now, just say that UPS’s purpose for next year is to strengthen what they do by 25%. They will ship 25% more plans, offer 25% more staff benefits, and increase revenue by 25%.

The amounts suddenly become very important.

Your internet business is no different. Your online business can be quite a multi-million or multi-billion money business, just like UPS; however, you have to treat it that way and know how to improve your figures. You will only know how to transform your numbers if you know what your own numbers are today.

So monitor your traffic. Your monitoring program should give you plenty of helpful information, like:

exactly what keywords are people searching for

precisely what page of your site is among the most popular

how long do people invest in your site

what page they may be most likely to leave via

when and what search engines are generally visiting your site


Learning all of this information then lets you ask two critical inquiries:

Why are things this way? along with

How can I improve this?

Then you could try experimenting with brand-new ideas for the pages that may have good traffic. Some brand-new pages you build will perform well, and some won’t. Acquire what works, change what does not, and then re-evaluate. Then use the things you did that worked well on other pages or potential websites. Through this process, your site(s) will improve continually.

So there you have it, three ways to end by asking, “Now What? Micron and to move forward and make your online site a happy little start on the Internet that people like to consistent.

As I close out this article, I have to remind you of one vital thing someone reminded me connected with recently.

You don’t have to get it suitable; you just have to get it going.

In such an article, I’ve given you many specific suggestions for strategies to improve what you’re accomplishing with your site. This might send you to think that you have to get it correctly. You don’t have to get it ‘right’; just get it going. So what should you learn about something you should have completed differently? If you never did that in the first place, you would never know how to improve it. So bear in mind you don’t have to get it right; just get it going.

Commit to improving through the process, and then let the action process teach you your skill better. The principle of seeking it until it works and committing to learning along the way may lead to Internet affiliate marketing success and, ultimately, success for you that you are experiencing.

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