4 Nigerian News Sites You Might Not Know


Nigerian news sites provide comprehensive coverage and insight into local issues, from internationally recognized brands to locally managed titles. Check out the Best info about NewsNow Nigeria.

Nearly all Nigerian newspapers have gone digital and now provide news via websites that update daily with current affairs and gossip.

1. Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Nigeria is a Nigerian news website covering local and international events. Their website is updated frequently with the latest news articles and articles about events that are coming up; additionally, they showcase videos and photos from upcoming events as well as an event calendar and blog section – making Buzz Nigeria an essential stop for anyone who wants to keep abreast of events in Nigeria.

Nigeria experienced a pivotal event in 1901 when Britain officially designated it a protectorate, which marked the beginning of their long journey towards independence from British colonizers and nationalism throughout Africa and beyond.

On the Nigerian entertainment scene, Showmax’s ‘BBNaija S7: The Buzz show has set records regarding first-day views in Nigeria. Hosted by Toke Makinwa and featuring celebrity personalities and BBNaija fans discussing all the exciting moments from this season’s competition, nine episodes and an extra episode featuring Tania Oyinlola herself as hostess are planned!

2. Naijaloaded

Naijaloaded is a viral Nigerian website that covers entertainment news and events, music videos, and other fun content. This household name has even more remarkable fanaticism: Here are 40 interesting facts that may surprise you!

Azeez Makinde created his website while still in high school in 2009. Always an avid internet user, Azeez decided he wanted to become a web designer, so he enrolled in a training program in web design before creating the site itself.

The website covers various topics spanning politics and sports to celebrities and lifestyle. Additionally, its news section includes articles covering current events and developments within Nigeria and international news.

This website boasts an expansive video library featuring both famous and emerging artists from Nigeria. Music and videos from this resource are free for download, making it an invaluable source of Nigerian music information. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and mobile version make it convenient to access on the go.

3. Nairaland

Nairaland is a viral forum website in Nigeria, often described as the equivalent of Reddit in America. Covering various topics with high customer retention rates, Nairaland can make for an intriguing read and serve as a valuable information repository.

Some users find the website helpful in answering their queries, while others use it simply for entertainment and fun. Others may still use it to demonstrate their intelligence or make money. This site once had massive web traffic, but it has seen fewer visitors than in years.

Graphic design and freelance writing are among the most lucrative ways of earning an income on this platform, with banner ad creation requiring talented designers. Other members may need assistance with things like business plans, research publications, newspaper pieces, and blog articles – these services may prove fruitful for those possessing relevant abilities who enjoy helping other people succeed.

4. Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters is a New York-based news website encouraging citizens to report corruption and political misconduct. Their journalists are known for their fearless reporting and dedication to holding power accountable; though critics may condemn their work, supporters praise their commitment to transparency and free speech.

Sahara Reporters offers more than just traditional news content; its mobile applications allow users to stay abreast of events in Nigeria on the go. Our apps can be found for iOS and Android devices, making staying informed more accessible than ever!

Sahara Reporters is making strides to increase transparency within Nigeria’s government and businesses by receiving a grant from the On Nigeria program for the civic media laboratory project it plans to launch under this grant. This endeavor seeks to develop, engineer, test, and incubate ideas, systems, and tools that engage citizens more deeply in public debate about issues they care about while working alongside other On Nigeria grantees to support investigative journalism and data-driven governance within Nigeria.

5. Newspapers

Newspapers in Nigeria provide an essential news source, providing multiple perspectives on political, economic, and social issues affecting everyday people like politicians and civil servants. While some government-subsidized newspapers may exist alongside privately owned publications, The Sun, Vanguard, and Guardian stand out among these as well-read options, with wide readerships offering comprehensive coverage of politics, entertainment, sports events, and national happenings.

This study utilized “frame mapping,” a content analysis technique, to understand how COVID-19 was represented in media coverage and questionnaires to measure audience responses. A sample of 500 Nigerian citizens aged 18-50 comprised our research cohort.

Nigerian newspapers performed admirably when covering the COVID-19 outbreak and creating awareness. Unfortunately, coverage was often superficial as most stories were short and focused solely on providing straight news; many also featured NCDC or government officials. Furthermore, many of the stories were alarming or caused panic among readers.

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