Free Methods to Boost Visitor Counts on Your Website


How to get more people to visit your website without spending a dime. That’s quite a claim, wouldn’t you say? It will be accurate if you take my word for it. If you optimize your site in a certain way, you can increase your traffic by 1,000 with zero more effort. If you are curious as to how, please read on.

Here are five strategies I propose for achieving success. Remember, however, that these are not your only options for attracting more visitors. Numerous methods can be used to boost traffic. However, they are the tried and true methods. It’s a product I’ve tried and liked. More importantly, you can use these methods to attract visitors at no cost. Your financial resources have been preserved. Let’s check out the primary option.

Method Number One: Making Connections

An effective linking strategy is the quickest route to costless site visits. To call this approach “the easiest way” would imply that all you have to do is ask random people to link to your website and then sit back and wait for the traffic to roll in. This method will save you time when compared to others you may learn.

The procedure is outlined below. To begin, pick a site that caters to your specific audience. Pick and choose. Pick one that gets a lot of visitors. A popular website is usually reluctant to link to lesser-known ones. Therefore, the trick is to keep trying. Inquire how many monthly visits they get and if they would be willing to link to your site. Send a follow-up email if they haven’t responded to your first one.

Continue trying. Request a link exchange (reciprocal link) if they refuse to link to your site. You don’t want to be in this position.

Caution: Don’t overstuff your webpage with hypertext links. Don’t trade links until you get anything of value in return.

Method 2: Give Away Books or Articles

If you see what this method can accomplish for your website, you will immediately fall in love with it. The ‘Viral marketing’ effect this method may produce is remarkable. It can dramatically increase your site’s traffic in a couple of days.
For this strategy to be successful, you must provide real value to your visitor. That knowledge is so valuable that they can only obtain it from you.

The ‘wants’ market is as important as the ‘needs’ market. What sort of difficulties do they face? By resolving these issues, you’ll have a fantastic essay or electronic book that you can distribute without charge. Don’t forget: hold onto it. Distribute it without charge. If you’re hesitant to give away your entire article or ebook, you can consistently offer a sample to your readers. But make sure it serves a purpose. Include your name and email address if you want credit for writing this article or e-book. Your resource box should be placed at the end of your piece, as is customary.

The primary goal of this strategy is to give your visitors the option to reprint the content on their own. This means anyone who reads your articles or downloads your ebook has the right to distribute it in any way they see fit, be it by email, Ezine, website, or anything else. But explain your predicament to me: Don’t forget a resource box or contact information. A viral effect on your site’s visitors is guaranteed.

In case you’ve forgotten, an excellent e-book compiler is out there. The product is called “E-book Edit Pro,” and it is a compiler for electronic books. This compiler will allow you to provide your site’s users with an editable electronic book. Since readers may provide their own contact details, this is an excellent incentive for them to spread the word about your article or e-book. Visit if you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic editor.

Method No. 3: Use a Classified Ad

This is the slowest method out of the five. It takes some time, but it’s well worth it.

Advice – This method works best when combined with the one just described. Here’s why:

To begin, you should create a free e-book or article to distribute. Then, an autoresponder is a must. You can get one for free from your web provider if you don’t already have an autoresponder. Simply searching for “free autoresponder” can get hundreds of results offering the service. I recommend the following autoresponders if you’re looking for a high-quality service.

The Top Three Email Marketing Services 1. Internet marketers widely utilize this service. They charge you a fee every month for their service. The ability to use the visitor’s first name in the autoresponder is by far the most useful function. The service they offer is also complimentary. The one caveat is that you’ll get an advertisement in your inbox.

Another pioneer in the autoresponder space is If you’re interested in finding out more, check out their website. It provides much the same service as

Three – Since the software will be permanently installed on your server, this service will be a one-time payment. You can save a lot of money on monthly payments. The one catch with Autoresponseplus is that you’ll need some knowledge of cgi (Common Gateway Interface) installation on your server.

Enough chit-chat. Okay, let’s carry on.

Once you’ve set up your autoresponder, that’s where you’ll want to put your freebie article. You must now publicize your autoresponder address on the online classifieds. Instead of your actual email address, please enter your autoresponder. The great thing about this method is that you can collect email addresses from your site visitors. If you have an offer in the future, you can contact them again.

Method 4: Distribute an Electronic Magazine or Newsletter

Many people use the internet as a research tool. Only three people in a hundred use the Internet to shop. Others, meantime, are engaged in study or looking for relevant data.

With this in mind, remember that attracting visitors to your site depends on your ability to promptly provide them with relevant information. You have successfully kept your visitors by constantly updating your site with relevant content. A free newsletter or Ezine is a great way to do this.

This is not a simple task with so much freely available data online. Give them something besides the ‘free’ items they’re already getting. Create something special for your Ezine’s readers. For instance, if you produce a music Ezine, you may negotiate a discount for your subscribers with a record company. Make sure your subscriber cannot obtain this item elsewhere. If you can develop this novel offering, you’ll be on top of the world. The word about your Ezine will quickly spread. If you have a particular newsletter, more people will visit your site to sign up for it.

Method 5: Create an affiliate program

This is the most effective method for generating visitors that don’t cost a dime. You and your affiliate program participant will both benefit from this method. You increase your audience and potential for sales, and they increase their commission.

This is a rather broad subject. Developing an effective affiliate program is a topic that might fill an entire e-book of mine. While this isn’t a comprehensive guide to affiliate programs, I will cover the basics here.

To make your affiliate program successful, you must generate enthusiasm among your site visitors to become affiliates. Providing them with generous commissions for referrals and promotional materials will help. Make it simple for people to share your content and spread the word about your goods. Don’t put undue strain on them. This falls under your remit.

The next step is to inspire them to become brand advocates. Get in touch with them as soon as possible. After they’ve signed up for your service, they shouldn’t be forgotten. Treat them like royalty. They stand out since they are responsible for spreading the word.
More people will visit your site, and you will make more money if you have a well-designed affiliate program. But again, if you want to have a great affiliate network, you need to put all your effort into this strategy. Don’t just do it. It’s well worth the effort to build your affiliate program, even if it takes you 18 hours a day. The return will be a thousand times what you put in.

These methods are entirely cost-free. They are free of charge to you. Examine it on your website. I’ve exhausted these avenues. They’re practical, too!

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