Are Injuries Sustained Outside of Work Compensable Under Ashburn Workers’ Compensation?


Workers’ compensation coverage is meant to address legitimate work-related accidents, including those caused by negligent workers. It protects workers from a range of situations including short- and long-term injuries. But what if you suffered an injury away from your normal job site? Will worker’s comp still cover this injury?

Under the course and scope rule, workers who sustained an injury outside of work can still be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. If you are not sure whether or not your injury is covered, consult with an Ashburn work injury attorney.

Common Injuries Sustained Outside of Work

Employers can be held liable for the costs of an employee’s work injury that happened in the scope and course of their employment. Usually, workers perform tasks that their employers require, request, or initiate. Thus, these tasks can be considered job-related duties. Workers’ compensation can be available to employees who got injured in the following situations:

  • Company-sponsored events. Workers can get benefits if they are at an event their company sponsors. Such events include baseball games, parties, and amusement park trips, which are given to employees as a benefit. Typically, courts consider whether the event attendance was voluntary or mandatory when determining liability. Thus, you should consult with a lawyer for help if you sustained injuries during any of these events.
  • Driving to and from work. The majority of injuries that happen during a worker’s everyday commute to and from work are not covered by workers’ comp. But some exceptions apply. If the manager asks a worker to do a job-related activity on their way to work or while they travel back home, any injuries suffered in doing the task are covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Work-related travels. Workers who travel to complete a work-oriented task like going to a meeting, meeting clients, or attending a conference can get benefits if they sustained an injury during such travel. Benefits are also available to workers who are not performing job-related activities when the injury occurred since they could not have been at the location of the accident if it was not required due to their work.

How a Work Injury Lawyer Can Help

Often, liability for injuries sustained offsite depends on the particular circumstances that surround your injury. A great attorney can investigate the facts of your accident as well as determine and prove your employer’s liability. They want to make sure you are reasonably compensated for the injuries you suffered.

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