Article Marketing for Businesses: How to Create Content That Drives Sales


Do you frequently purchase the same newspaper, magazine, or newsletter online or in print?

If that’s the case, why?

All right, I’m going to take a wild guess and suggest that you guys read something regularly because you find the subject matter fascinating. I agree that making an educated prediction isn’t rocket science, but the content is king when it comes to your articles.

There are always people who will be interested in what you write about. Therefore, the topic of your post isn’t all that significant. If, however, you utilize articles to merely advertise your company without giving any thought to the people reading them, then I’m afraid your efforts will be in vain.

How can you guarantee that you produce such material if it is the key?

So, if you want to turn your thoughts, views, and words into article gold dust, here are five great tips on how to write an essay.

First and foremost, A.I.D.A.

Those familiar with A.I.D.A. know how crucial it is to have a framework for any communication (a letter, an ad, a press release, an article, etc.).

Being A.I.D.A. :

Attention Interest Desire Action
In many pieces, you’ll have only a few sentences to hook the reader and make them want to keep reading. If you want people to read your post, you need to get their attention immediately with a compelling headline and then hook them in the first paragraph by explaining the problem the article is addressing and how it will be solved.

After you’ve captured your audience’s interest, you’ll want to keep it with engaging content. Have you ever been intrigued by a book’s cover, title, or back copy and decided to try it, only to find yourself thinking, “Boring!” a few pages in?

Your article authoring is no different. There’s no point in making grand claims and then coming up short. The reader will become frustrated and eventually lose interest in your work if you do this to them.

Make sure that what you say is unique from what everyone else says about the topic of interest (and there is a lot of competition in article writing). Don’t fret; there will always be tens of thousands, or even millions, interested in reading quality writing online.

The question is, “What do you want?” The key to producing a compelling essay is turning interest into action. Your article writing has the power to change lives, including your own. What I mean is that you need to pique people’s interest so much that they can’t wait to hear more. Can you picture a news piece titled “The secret of life finally revealed”? I know I’d be curious to find out what it was (and if you’re interested, you can always visit my website and ask me).

While it’s true that your articles probably won’t include such details, there are still plenty of people all around the globe who will find what you have to say fascinating and want to learn more. This can be seen in the following:

People are curious about “This Year’s Top 10 Christmas Presents.”

People will read a book titled “The Secrets to Playing Better Golf” (I would).

Women may be curious about the other 20%, while men may check the Top 10 Christmas Presents to determine whether they should return the sexy underwear they just bought their partners and instead buy them a big bar of chocolate. (If I were you, I’d buy both and see what happens!)

My message is this: make other people thirst for your expertise.

The second best practice is to reveal your methods.

I’m not spiritual, but I’m pretty sure the Bible says that you can’t get anything without first giving something. Articles are the same way. You’ll likely be writing on a subject you know much about or care deeply about. This is why it’s important to share your expertise freely. Instead, educate your audience by disclosing your knowledge and trade secrets. The good news is that people will respect you for sharing your opinions, even if they disagree.

Third Best Advice: Advantages

Even if you aren’t technically savvy, if you’ve ever shopped for a computer, you’ll understand what I’m talking about here. You can learn about the newest models and their specs in a computer store. Quick-Response Power, RAM, Hard Drive, Multiple USB Ports, Pentium Processors. I made up that last one, but many people find computer buying as intimidating as going to a rocket science convention because merchants emphasize the product’s capabilities over its utility. My only requirements are that it be easy to set up and use the internet, be capable of handling basic office tasks like word processing and account management, and be capable of playing and downloading modern media. If you tell me that, we can make a deal. Use technical language and mumbo jumbo (does that count as jargon?) to make me look foolish, and I’ll smile and go away.

Third, highlight the value brought by your piece.

When discussing methods for training a kitten to use a litter box, it’s essential to highlight the apparent benefit of having a home and carpet free of cat urine. Writing on ways to save money and time on insurance should center on this benefit.

Features are a waste of time and effort. Advantages do. Boost your company’s earnings and expansion prospects by emphasizing benefits in your marketing materials.

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