Best Places to Stay in Madeira


Madeira provides something for all types of travelers – sun worshipers can take advantage of its beaches and pools, while nature enthusiasts will find plenty of walking trails inland to discover. To learn more, check out

Funchal, the capital, offers a fantastic atmosphere and incredible restaurants, creating an exciting dining experience. For something even more thrilling, hop aboard a wicker toboggan and race through its streets!


Madeira’s central city is an exhilarating mix of restaurants, street art, and exciting attractions. Stay close to its lively beach areas, charming shops, and family-oriented activities here.

Reid’s Palace offers one of the top things to do in Madeira for afternoon tea – making it one of the must-see sights in Funchal. A century-old hotel, Reid’s Palace features exquisite panoramic views over Funchal.

Stay at Sao Vicente to experience picturesque hiking trails and an endearing village center, or experience stunning landscapes such as Soa Vincente Lava Caves or epic hiking on PR16 Levada Faja do Rodrigues trail. Be aware that accommodations may be limited for this town, so plan when booking self-catering apartments or guest houses.

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz natural pools are one of Madeira’s top attractions and provide an excellent alternative for swimmers who don’t wish to venture into open waters but still love being near water. Constructed of Atlantic water set against volcanic lava rocks, they feature safe swimming at various depths for optimal enjoyment.

There is a relaxed vibe here, with many hotels tailored towards families, an indigenous garden, and stunning coastal views. Eira do Serrado is an impressive viewpoint and well worth visiting as part of an organized tour – although note that any short visits will limit swimming time in lava pools or hiking up famous viewpoints.

Ponta Do Pargo

Ponta Do Pargo offers dramatic views, and epic hiking trails, not to mention its beautiful Cascata Agua d’Alto waterfall. Spend hours taking in its scenery while watching waves crash against its cliffs.

This area offers limited lodging options that book quickly. A private rental would be the ideal way to experience its gastronomy, nature, and relaxing beaches; parks and hiking trails also abound. Although busses provide regular access between this part of Funchal and this part of Madeira Island, car rental would likely prove more efficient due to winding motorways and narrow lanes with tunnels through mountains – an experience not to be missed!


Canical is a family favorite due to its outstanding beach, shopping, and nightlife offerings, wide-ranging hotels, and self-catering accommodations to fit every budget.

Madeira’s eastern region can be explored from this town, which provides many activities – including hiking with breathtaking ocean views – and is conveniently close to airport and motorway connections.

Calheta is a small town popular with families and tourists due to its family-friendly beaches and coastal walks. This beautiful golden sand beach lies only 40 minutes away from Funchal. Also, it houses a historic sugar cane factory and contemporary arts center – plus, there are various accommodation options, from luxury hotels to private rentals, available here.

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol sits at Madeira’s southern coast, like a golden tip pointing back toward its source. A charming town, Ponta do Sol provides an ideal starting point for exploring Madeira and its beaches and nature trails nearby.

Ponta do Sol offers many exciting things to see and do, such as exploring its multicolored doorways in the old town area (part of an art project that has transformed them into outdoor galleries). Visit also Indigenous Garden for breathtaking views and exotic plants.

For hikers looking for something challenging and breathtakingly scenic, various routes start here and lead towards Cuevas del Seco or Ribeira da Janela trail – each providing breathtaking scenery along its path.

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