Exactly what is Color Energy Therapy?


Colouring therapy is healing with the benefits of light as colour. It can be as basic as applying specific coloured filters spread over a high wattage lamp light bulb, or wearing specific hued clothing. Or it may be a chance to bring forth intense multidimensional frequencies of light vibration referred to as colour rays for deep healing. We will be discussing mainly the latter, for that is actually my specialty. However, an intro to the history of recovery with colour is a good place to begin.

Atlantis, Lemuria, and historic Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and China are all civilizations that understood and caused the power of healing with colour. Much of these teachings had been passed on through the ages to people who were adepts, not popular by the masses. This historic knowledge was housed within the “mystery schools”, secret events where the sacred information needed to be earned by the initiate who else could prove himself worthy of this.

More recently in the 19th as well as 20th centuries, there were individuals who used colour and light treatment to medically treat the actual ill. In the 1800s, Doctor Edwin Babbitt from Uk used a “chrome disc” which put light on the body. They also placed water throughout coloured bottles under the direct sunlight (called solar elixirs), which the patient would later ingest to effect a particular get rid. Dr . Dinshah Ghadiali involving India, who moved to the United States in the early 1900s, developed Spectro-Chrome to apply diverse colouring of light to specific human body areas to heal.

The student, Dr . Kate Baldwin, a Philadelphian surgeon employed light frequently in your ex-long career as a medical professional. Light therapy has not been got well by the American healthcare establishment, which banned the product and attempted to shut down the actual practices of the practitioners, phoning it quackery. Today, they may be barely acknowledging the quality of this healing modality, however, is an unofficial interest along with delving into the alternative therapeutic modalities by some of the far more open-minded of the profession.

Virtually 25 years ago, I did my training as a nurse. By the end of my education and learning, I had not only a serious event of burn-out but disillusionment as well. I wished to use healing, but not the way it had been set up in the medical occupation. I left the field, as well as turned my gaze from the entire field. Eventually, the long interest in metaphysics started to take the front burner place again, and I found myself in many of the holistic faires as well as an occasional workshop. I cherished getting psychic readings, however, every time I got one, they might tell me that I was a healer. How frustrating! I would let them know “Been there, done that”, but the answer would come back again. “I don’t know what it is actually, but it is unusual. inch

I am sure that you readers have experienced experience with being in “the right place at the right time”, at being “led” towards the perfect class or guide or person who has a bit of information for you. That is precisely what happened to me. Eventually, it has become clear that I was to get something to do with light and colouring. In the early days, I was inquired to run the aura photographic camera, and then read the images. The aura camera, when it was then, was developed by a Florida man named Guy Coggins.

He and I agreed it had been impossible for some of the issues that showed up in the photos to obtain occurred only from the photographic camera itself. We would see unusual lights and shapes within the aura. Most of the time they were the actual nonphysical guides of the photographer. And the colour light emanating from the electromagnetic field from the person tells a story. Colour is representative of “who a person is”. It was excellent practice for me, for it helped me in order to acknowledge my intuitive capability as well as ground myself within the “rays of the rainbow”.

Among my first experiences that they are healed with color great one of the colour lamps with regards to 15 years ago. I had some sort of low-grade flu, not critical, but debilitating. I could maneuver around and perform most of the normal daily duties, however, I did not feel great. A buddy had one of the lamps, and we thought I should have a program under it. She utilized a turquoise colour filtration system over a mega-watt light.

We laid down and assimilated the light. About 1/2 hours into it, I began to possess your classic healing economic crisis: shaky, cold, shifting electricity. I knew at that point that I possessed sufficient exposure to the type. I remember bouncing back to a situation of health not long after an excellent session.

On the earth, colouring is known for its healing (or lack of healing) propensities. Colouring in the environment has a simple but definite effect when the well-being of a man or woman. There have been studies using precise colours in hospitals. Clean green was shown to be successful in operating rooms, assisting in more rapid post-operative healing. Went up pink in the psychiatric locations and calmed down hyper, reasonless patients. Light blue in the seminar rooms allowed for greater connection in meetings.

The colour of garments you wear can also have an effect on how you feel in your day-to-day life. The colours around the walls of our rooms as well as the furniture within them influence us; really, any shade around us has a result. But all of this is considered a pigmented colour. Radiant colour takes a different approach.

Colour is the frequency of sunshine. The colour therapist utilizing light source energy in the form of radiant colouring is reflective of the full colouring spectrum. Each colour-hued shade vibrates for a specific frequency. Certain radiation of colour, or “laser light energy”, can be used not only for enlightenment, attunement, in addition to communication with intelligence further than our five senses, but in addition healing the body, mind, along with the emotions. Colour therapy can certainly align the spiritual substance of a being. Its multi-level source of emanation makes it the most powerful method of healing. You strictly rely on physical strategies for therapy.

It is possible, as healers, to tap into interdimensional corners of your mind of consciousness to access that colour energy. We get in touch with the source of this collective brain by many names: Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Great Energy, or the Creator to name a few. As well as we can call it simply often the Universal Flow or Lifetime Force. There is no need for any special philosophy or religious idea. It is the Universal Life Drive.

The colour therapist sees often the universe as a hologram, or perhaps as a multi-faceted gem. Area energy healer views anyone he/she is working within a “holistic”, holographic way. Since metaphysicians or spiritually targeted seekers, we also observe, just as the quantum researchers do, that the universe is just not necessarily composed in a thready format, with everything inside a neat little row regarding past, present, and long term. This perspective reminds us to view each individual as a complex, multidimensional being, who not only expresses a physical body but an emotional body, and mental body and a faith-based body.

Our physical sight cannot see this lively colour as it pours from your Source. However, our interior psychic sight is capable of connecting with perceiving this luminous splendour. These etheric rays of sunshine properly channelled provide a powerful healing experience. The systems of a person are uplifted and harmonized, and understanding is restored.

Much of the help and the degree of healing accomplished depends, of course, on how reactive or open the person should be to the light. However, the client does not have to be a believer in order to gain new healing. Another consideration is definitely how much past negative karma and thinking he/she is definitely willing to release. The primary healer is always the individual needing therapies but a healing canal can be a facilitator or “jump-starter” (a term I am partial to using) for the client’s unique healing energies to wake.

The colour therapist brings to fruition colour for the purpose of sending it to those in need of it. It truly is felt throughout the body as being a wave of energy – any sensation of heat (either power or magnetic) as it trips through and out the palms, and often through the heart and also solar plexus centres. Because this is happening, it can be seen with ease or sensed subtly.

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