Health Care Consulting Firms


The leading healthcare consulting firms offer their clients an array of services designed to increase operational efficiencies and strategic planning capabilities. Working closely with their clients, these professionals create tailored solutions that meet all goals and objectives. Find the best healthcare consulting firm.

When selecting a healthcare consulting firm, it’s essential to note its sector knowledge and depth of understanding, as well as its ability to turn data into actionable insights.

Avalere Health

Healthcare consulting firms provide various services, including strategic planning, market research, and data analysis. They serve a range of healthcare organizations—from physician offices and pharmaceutical companies to insurance providers—and help develop new drugs or devices and research the effectiveness of existing medications/procedures. Furthermore, these consulting firms assist with regulatory issues, market entry strategies, and marketing strategy development.

Healthcare consultants are in high demand and should experience an optimistic job market over the coming decade. Their salaries often surpass those of other business professionals, and they may gain additional compensation through commissions, tips, bonuses, or profit-sharing agreements—though exact earnings will depend on education and experience levels.

Avalere Health is a global commercialization partner for change-making biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, and wellness companies. Its team of experts uses a data-driven approach to deliver innovative solutions that address complex healthcare challenges, while its leadership team offers both fresh perspectives and veteran experience.

Avalere Health’s PitchBook Profile can be seen below in its preview form; to gain full access, request access. Avalere is a strategic advisory company offering innovative healthcare solutions from Fortune 500 healthcare companies, the federal government (e.g., CMS, OMB, CBO, and Congress), top consultancies, and nonprofit organizations. Over 227 staffers make up Avalere’s workforce.


Accenture is one of the world’s premier consulting firms, providing services from strategy to marketing to technology and operations. Its experts specialize in helping clients navigate complex regulatory environments while harnessing technology for growth, and its healthcare practice specializes in speeding medical breakthroughs while improving patient outcomes.

Accenture Consulting stands out as an industry leader with an outstanding track record in consulting. Employing over 375,000 people globally across 100 countries and territories, its innovative approach prioritizes partnering with customers to find solutions to business problems while investing heavily in research and development through Accenture Technology Labs, an entity dedicated solely to finding emerging technologies.

Accenture provides consulting and digital technology solutions for energy companies as well as healthcare organizations. Their expertise in identifying and mitigating risks in technology implementation makes them an excellent partner to healthcare organizations, helping transform existing systems into flexible platforms that meet today’s healthcare environment.

In an industry where even minor errors can have devastating results, finding the ideal consulting firm is essential. Healthcare technology consulting firms that excel are familiar with healthcare workflow and regulations and have a deep knowledge of healthcare as a field. This means they can assist their clients in avoiding costly errors while implementing robust cybersecurity measures quickly and offering advice on introducing new technologies and processes quickly without compromising quality.


Deloitte Health Care Consulting Services is among the premier healthcare consulting firms and offers an array of provider services. Their experts assist clients in meeting regulatory compliance, operational readiness, and transformation imperatives while also helping with new technology implementation that improves outcomes and patient experiences.

Deloitte is a global consulting firm that employs over 100,000 professionals specializing in various sectors and industries—healthcare included. Their services encompass audit and assurance, tax consulting, and risk advisory services for public sector and private clients alike. Their healthcare practice offers clients solutions tailored to their business needs by helping them formulate strategies and create tailored plans.

Our firm’s healthcare consultants boast extensive expertise in value-based care, population health management, and healthcare innovation. They serve clients across all aspects of the industry, from payers to providers to drug manufacturers.

Deloitte operates through an international network of firms, each independently operating and offering services in local markets. Each firm adheres to a shared set of principles that emphasize quality and integrity; Deloitte also boasts an impressive corporate responsibility program and initiatives, and its employees actively support a wide variety of charitable and civic projects across many communities while volunteering their time towards disaster relief efforts.

L.E.K. Consulting

L.E.K Consulting stands out as a high-impact firm due to its collaborative teamwork culture that prioritizes open communication and mutual respect. It also provides flexible working conditions, such as working from home on Thursdays, or limits travel by offering flexible scheduling options. Furthermore, L.E.K Consulting provides generous PTO/maternity leave benefits.

Onboarding processes in any company are invaluable ways of preparing new employees for their first day on the job. A comprehensive training program helps develop analytical skills and business knowledge, while regular performance reviews and mentorship opportunities help employees develop in their roles. Furthermore, this firm acknowledges hard workers while encouraging employees to take risks to reach success.

Employees at L.E.K. enjoy working there, but some aspects of its culture need improving, according to survey data from Comparably. Although L.E.K. scored well overall in terms of culture, more improvements need to be made with regard to compensation, perks and benefits, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Furthermore, L.E.K. boasts excellent diversity and inclusion initiatives; their women’s network and LGBTQ initiatives receive strong support from leadership and staff, respectively; additionally, they have an active corporate sustainability program focused on the environment, supporting employees’ family needs, including childcare needs, while offering paid parental leave; this makes L.E.K. one of few firms providing this option for employees!

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is one of the world’s premier management consulting firms, boasting clients such as 90 of the top 100 global corporations and over 80 of the US government agencies that employ at least 80 people. McKinsey provides advice on strategic, organizational, operational, technology, data analytics, and implementation issues. Its rigorous recruitment process focuses on candidates possessing advanced academic degrees and deep industry experience. In addition, it publishes McKinsey Quarterly magazine.

McKinsey & Co. began its storied history in 1926 when James Osborn McKinsey opened his first office in Chicago after joining Armour & Co., one of the country’s leading meatpackers. James Osborn McKinsey championed scientific management involving meticulous examination of workflow and division of labor; he demanded professionalism in appearance and tone—once even forbidding junior consultants from wearing argyle socks!

Bogdanich and Forsythe were able to uncover many instances of controversial work carried out by this firm despite its refusal to name its clients. For example, they helped Purdue Pharma—maker of painkiller OxyContin—and tobacco companies despite repeated warnings, such as the 1964 Surgeon General Report warning them and two federal judgments labeling them racketeers and liars; their relationship persisted for over 50 years!

Press Ganey

Press Ganey is a healthcare performance improvement company that specializes in patient satisfaction surveys. Each year, they send millions of surveys and help hospitals identify areas for quality improvement to increase patient satisfaction with treatment. This leads to more satisfied patients who are likely to recommend particular hospitals to friends and family members.

Doctors and nurses have started questioning the purpose of these surveys. Some argue that their focus on patient satisfaction can be counterproductive by not addressing issues like proper medical care and sound clinical judgment, encouraging hospital administrators to focus on pleasing customers instead of improving care quality.

Survey data can often be deceptive as it only tells part of the story; for instance, one department’s actions can radically change scores across departments. Furthermore, small sample sizes increase the margin of error, while low response rates make collecting reliable information challenging.

Press Ganey offers more than patient experience surveys to assist healthcare organizations in improving their services. Their HX platform, for instance, breaks down silos by seamlessly integrating data from experience teams, nursing, safety, HR quality, and digital. This solution enables healthcare organizations to understand performance across the whole organization from a single hub as well as identify opportunities for improvement from within one place – providing organizations with targeted communications in addition to patient surveys.