Finding an International Teaching Position in Just 10 Days


That is possible. Although thorough groundwork is required, there is a worldwide shortage of qualified English teachers despite many accessible positions. You are knocking on a receptive door if you wish to teach overseas rapidly.

Here are the top 10 ways to get hired as a teacher next week. However, two prerequisites must be satisfied first:

First, you must be fluent in English and, ideally, a native speaker. A command of English in its written and spoken forms is frequently required.

Step 2: Get a TEFL Certification that is Accepted Worldwide

If you have one, then you can move forward. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a visa to travel worldwide.
Must first have a valid TEFL Certificate. It’s impossible to find a respectable teaching position in
most countries where a Certificate is not accepted. Taking a TEFL course in or close to the nation where you plan to teach. The tuition, housing, and food cost will be far lower than in your native country. You can meet a diverse group who share your interest in learning about different cultures. You’ll also have the chance to instruct neighborhood kids. You will have adjusted to your new surroundings and be ready to get to work by the time you finish your TEFL training.

Please don’t waste your time with weekend TEFL programs; they won’t prepare you for the real world.
When it comes to hiring TEFL teachers, most companies throughout the world don’t care.
Take them, and enroll in a four-week TEFL course that covers the basics.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Only a select few may walk into a classroom and immediately
teach without formal education or experience. Any presumption of linguistic competence entails
the belief that you can educate someone else to do it is erroneous.

Are you sure you can stand in front of a classroom of twenty or thirty expectant faces even if you have expertise teaching “one-on-one” courses to private students? Can you lead a classroom, maintain order, and prepare four one-hour daily lessons?

How’s your grammar, by the way? Most likely, it won’t be anywhere close to as good as some of the pupils you have.
Present a course; they’ll be lecturing. The vast majority of students can identify a lousy educator immediately.
There are times when they have to endure hell on earth. It has happened too often in my experience.

Except for teaching at the university level, teaching English in a foreign country does not require a bachelor’s degree.
College, seminary, or military academy. Obtaining a work visa in some countries may necessitate completing formal education.
Reasons, but many employers will accept a TEFL certificate instead of experience. Despite much discussion, this problem has not been
Consequently, most English teachers operate on the law’s borderline in most nations.

A TEFL course can give you the foundational knowledge you need to begin a teaching profession in another country.
A schoolteacher of the English language. You’ll get instructions on the following:

prepare lessons, class participation,

inculcate self-control

to educate students in the areas of language and literacy.

Most importantly, you’ll feel confident teaching a class full of students.

You’ve got your TEFL certification and are a native English speaker, so it’s all good. You may now leave.
Discusses locating a teaching position in another country in ten days or less.

First, choose a destination.

There could be a wide range of motivations for wanting to teach abroad. It may
be a place you’ve always wanted to go, a place you’re familiar with and want to call home for a while so you can earn a living, or a place that challenges you somehow.

It doesn’t matter which country you visit or why; you’ll always discover friendly locals.
Students who are open to learning and like your English lessons. There is no
It’s an exaggeration to say that most of them will never forget you.

Second, schedule a flight.

There are many student travel agents; you may also locate cheap tickets online.
As much as the asking price. Make a one-night reservation and use that as leverage to get a great monthly deal.
After you’ve settled into your accommodation and are satisfied with it.

Tourist visas are the way to go if your destination country requires them. Upon landing employment, one’s
An employer can usually arrange a work permit (‘Step 9’).

Phase 3: Promote Yourself

Make sure to leave behind a well-written résumé or CV before you go.
Copy it to your iPod or a Gmail or Hotmail account folder.

Keep in Mind:

– The TEFL Credential You Hold

– Proof of higher education completion, if applicable.

– Any Additional Valid Documentation

– a brief statement highlighting any relevant experience you have teaching or training,
enumerates all the information you gained from your TEFL training

– citations you’ve used

A majority of prospective employers check references. Make these preparations before you go. Previous workplaces,
References from coworkers and colleagues who teach are the most reliable. Request that everyone send a short note.
Which speaks well of your ability as a teacher. If you want to utilize the letter later, ask that the date not be included.
That is for a very long time to come. Each note, however, must have a return address, contact number, and
address of the person providing your reference email.

If you have no teaching experience, have your TEFL instructor provide a recommendation.
Regarding the abilities you have acquired.

Keep this information safe by bringing along two hard copies. Where
Keep a copy of everything in your email if something happens to your primary document.
, on your iPhone or iPod.

Fourth, bring some nice clothes.

At an interview, your appearance may carry more weight than your resume.
Qualifications. To prepare for a job interview, dress as you would at home.

Men should wear a shirt, tie, dark, well-pressed pants, and shiny shoes.
Wear a long, black skirt with a white shirt and your shoulders should be covered. Limit your adornment.

Generally speaking, ladies can get away with wearing stud earrings, but not nose or other conspicuous body
piercings (for both sexes) are frowned upon because of the negative example they set for students.
Need to be eliminated.

Arrive, step 5, and get to work.

Get picked up from the airport by the hotel if at all feasible. Instead, you may call a taxi.
Within the airport’s arrival hall, at the taxi stand. It may cost extra, but it will keep you safe and secure.
Easier to deal with. This is an excellent method to get your bearings on day one in a new nation.
Don’t waste the first day of your new job looking for work. Get out and walk about to let your body and mind readjust.
Adapt to the new setting.

Set out your best interview attire. Find a laundry service and have them pressed if they are wrinkled.
You can probably get assistance (from your hotel or inn). Put your freshly ironed garments on a hanger. Polish
your boots and polish your CV. Let your hair down with a beer or other beverage and unwind.

Purchasing a Cell Phone as Step Six

Recruiters will be eager to get in touch with you. Please leave a message for them at the hotel or
The guesthouse is sketchy and will not impress potential employers. Obtaining a cell phone is the most
dialing a local number on the phone. In most regions, mobile phones are both affordable and readily available.

Before you leave, ask the person to change the store’s language settings to English.

Seventh, secure employment;

One can take three primary approaches (though obviously not exhaustive).

i) Performing a web search.

Look up Dave’s ESL Cafe and submit your resume for any open positions that interest you. Please attach your resume and cover letter to this email.
Send your application materials to potential employers by email. Since many institutions will not open attachments, pasting the résumé into the email body may be preferable.

To all the email addresses they could find, send a tailored message.

Get the name of the school’s principal or director by calling ahead of time. Before you mail your CV, call them and have a quick conversation. Then, call again to check-in.
Include a statement in your cover letter informing the school of your current location and your desire for a position there.
placement at once

Make sure you’re keeping up with your inbox and answering messages quickly.

Obtain a copy of the local paper(s).

Visit a bookstore or cafe and peruse a current issue of any English-language or local newspaper.
Newspapers. Relax and peruse the newspaper’s classifieds. These always feature commercials for
Instructional staff in the English language. Mark the ones with contact information and give them a ring right away. Mention
that you’re qualified for the role and eager to work there. Set up an
interview. If you cannot reach someone via phone, try emailing them.

Be wary of adverts from shady agencies; they often make vague promises that can be easily avoided.

iii) Stroll On In

This is often the best approach to getting hired as a teacher. Visit for at least a couple of days.
Private language classes in the area. Dress professionally, collect your resumes, and get ready for an interview.
Reference letters and a copy of your TEFL certification. The vast majority of schools require a recent photograph.
Make sure you have a minimum of 12 available when you apply.

Create a short list of 4–6 schools to visit. From what I’ve seen, this is the most efficient method.
Of contacting potential employers and gaining confidence in your abilities to do so. When coming to visit
schools, meet and greet the receptionist and then ask to speak to someone regarding a teaching post while handing them
Essentially, it’s a resume.

Never lose your cheerful demeanor, and never stop showing enthusiasm. You might perhaps get a job offer and interview on the spot.
This occurs far more frequently than you might think. But if nothing happens, don’t lose hope.
Instantaneously occurs. Gaining the confidence to enter a school building and initiate a conversation with

8. The Interview

Following the steps above, you should start receiving interviews and job offers.
Always seem professional, but not overly so, for any interview, regardless of the industry.
The only short position. Dress the part of a successful sales executive. The product you are selling

In Asia, where first impressions matter much to potential employers, dressing well is paramount.
By your outward charm, grin, and energy rather than your resume or employment history.

If you show up to the interview looking like you rolled out of bed, that’s not a good sign.
You won’t get the job if you seem like you’ve just tumbled out of bed. Get a good night’s sleep the night of the
preceding evening.

Step 9: Give some thought to the employment offer…

However, you shouldn’t immediately accept the first job offer you receive. Take a close look at the agreement.

Pose some queries:

How many hours a week do you plan on instructing? More than 25 is excessive.

Do they offer sponsorship for work visas? They need to!

Will they assist you in locating a suitable dwelling? They need to.

What is the going rate?

Demand that the institution provides you with more training in their pedagogical practices and some
In-group evaluations. Talk to other educators there to verify that they are
paid promptly and courteously treated. When you are pleased with everything, and only then sign the contract.

Contract Execution (Step 10)

Congratulations. In a fascinating country, you will have the opportunity to teach English to appreciative students.
As well as starting a journey that will improve your life. Have fun!

Without a degree, here’s how to get a teaching job:

If you don’t have a Ph.D. and a lot of teaching experience, I would advise you to only apply for
positions. Interviews are less formal, and colleges rarely require transcripts or official documents.
Certification to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) even if you have other qualifications. Moreover, your chances of
acquiring an employment offer on the spot. Once you’ve established yourself as a practical or inspiring educator,
You’re about to enter full-time employment, where your boss could care less about whether you have a college diploma.
Or not!

The cold hard truth: some glaring red flags to watch out for

You have completed the first ten days of the 10-day process to become a teacher overseas. You can use these to
be hired as a teacher in your chosen country. With some forethought, some order, and a
Within the first week of moving to a new country, a job can be found by anyone who takes pride in their looks. Follow
if you follow these instructions, you will succeed.

Rules of Thumb

Do’s are outlined in the ten guidelines? The following are categorically not acceptable:

DO NOT enter the classroom unless you have a TEFL Certification.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Only a select few may walk into a classroom and immediately
teach without formal education or experience. Any presumption of linguistic competence entails
a fallacy that you can learn it.

Don’t bother sending predeparture letters to schools

Applying to universities in Asia or South America would require written applications (if possible).
Such a list is pointless because most people have been burned too many times to trust anyone again.

The available supply of substitute teachers is sufficient to meet the fluctuating demands of the
commonplace in most nations’ linguistic lexicons. In addition, if you use the local Internet, you can email your resume to every local school.
The Directory is probably going to be a waste of time. Why? Simply following the herd is the norm and the most.

The average ESL program receives between 200 and 300 emails daily, far more than the staff can read.
They know from experience that the chosen instructor will likely not show up.

So, hop on a ticket, pick a destination, and apply for teaching positions as you land. Many people find this discouraging because they fear they will arrive without enough money to survive and have trouble finding a job.

DO NOT presume that your students are complete novices

One of the worst things you could do is assume that all English as a Second Language students are
beginners. Most of your class will have studied English for at least a year. Not
On the first day of class, every student will look to you to clarify the conceptual distinction between the
‘present continuous’ and ‘past perfect’ tenses, but be ready to explain each.
Question. Once again, you’ll acquire experience teaching grammar and answering challenging student queries
during your TEFL education.

REFUSE TO Swindle Your Students

Most international students are eager to improve their English skills, even if doing so may come at a modest financial expense.
Fortune. Not only do your pupils value your willingness to teach them in exchange for
the correct remuneration, but it is also critical to your honor. If you lack honesty, you will
nothing of value to an outsider in a country where corruption is already a significant problem
local without having to bring in additional from other countries. If you have a TEFL certificate, you can use it.
Worldwide. This will boost your social standing. Avoid misusing it.

After all that:

It’s natural to feel anxious, yet……

You’re bound to feel a few flutters in your tummy before you take off, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to
If you’re passionate about teaching and sincerely care about your kids, the world is your classroom.
Students in no nation can be deceived about your true intentions. That is if you are
They can tell if you’re merely showing up to get a paycheck if you act disinterested and unmotivated. Nevertheless, they will; in the same way, they can spot a great educator who will make a difference in their development

and existence. Their appreciation for you will exceed anything you’ve ever felt.
Position as a professor in your native institution.

Lisa Walker has traveled extensively in Asia, teaching non-native speakers English.

Lisa currently resides in Thailand, working as an Education Consultant for several TEFL institutions. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, you may email her at:

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