How to Keep Asphalt Driveways Longevity and Look Great


Asphalt driveways are an excellent choice, both aesthetically and structurally. They stand up well against cracking, better than gravel or dirt surfaces, and require little upkeep when sealed periodically and free from de-icing salts. This is an exceptionally fantastic fact about asphalt paving Springfield, VA.

Professional paving companies employ asphalt mixtures composed of liquid binder (asphalt) and coarse aggregate, such as crushed rock or sand, for their pavement projects. Cold climates typically prefer this approach as it doesn’t crack as readily during the freeze-thaw cycle as concrete does.

Curb Appeal

An attractive driveway is one of the first things potential homebuyers notice upon arriving at your property, making its care essential. A dirty, chipped, or cracked driveway could deter buyers and reduce its value; investing in asphalt repairs before selling is a wise decision.

Asphalt paving provides a sophisticated and uniform aesthetic, perfect for complementing many architectural styles. The black surface makes an unforgettable first impression when visitors and prospective homebuyers arrive.

Asphalt pavement material is also very durable, withstanding repeated freezing and thawing cycles that would cause other paving materials to crack. Plus, its cost-effective nature makes asphalt a suitable option for those on tight budgets.

Various landscaping features can enhance your driveway’s curb appeal. Simply adding greenery and fresh mulch is a straightforward way to make it more inviting, while lighting fixtures and decorative borders add visual interest. A DIY trellis is another cost-effective solution; train a flowering vine to climb it for a stunning focal point!

Once your driveway aesthetics have been improved, it’s time to consider ways to add value to your home with asphalt paving projects. A beautiful and in good-condition driveway can help speed up property sales while bringing in returns on investments such as installing an asphalt driveway. Other projects that will increase its worth could also include adding a front porch or repainting exterior walls.

PLS can help transform your property to meet any aesthetic requirements – be that selling quickly in the near future or giving it an attractive makeover that attracts potential buyers. Reach out today and discover more about our asphalt paving services; they could be just what’s needed to revitalize either commercial or residential property! With new pavement installation, asphalt repair, and sealcoating services available – PLS provides solutions that keep properties looking their best over time!


Asphalt driveways are known for lasting decades, but your’ lifespan will depend on several factors. One key influencing factor is how professionally your asphalt is installed—only professional contractors with years of experience should be trusted with such tasks. Proper maintenance practices like regularly sealcoating and promptly repairing cracks will extend its life even further.

The design of your driveway will also have an enormous effect on its lifespan, such as when heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks constantly drive over it. Other factors affecting its lifespan may include how long it has been in use, its climate, and whether or not its gravel base is thick enough.

Asphalt driveways typically last at least 12 years under ideal conditions and up to 35 in extreme cases. Due to its superior durability, asphalt can withstand pressures put upon it by vehicles, foot traffic, and seasonal freezing/thawing cycles, making asphalt a highly sought-after material choice among homeowners. Its resistance against damage and deterioration also accounts for its popularity with homeowners.

Asphalt driveways offer more than durability; they’re also highly versatile when it comes to style and appearance. Choose from an assortment of color variations or imprint your surface with unique patterns or designs for extra character – giving your asphalt driveway an extension of your style rather than simply serving its functional purpose as an everyday parking spot for vehicles.

Asphalt is generally a maintenance material as its repairability makes repairs simpler than with other materials. The main challenge to maintaining asphalt driveways, however, lies in keeping them clear of debris and ice accumulation; to do this efficiently, it is vital to regularly sweep or blow them to remove organic material that could cause damage as soon as it appears. Sealcoating the driveway on an annual basis also protects it from moisture damage caused by moisture or UV rays, which could significantly shorten its lifespan.

Winter Weathering

Asphalt driveways must be protected from harsh elements, including freezing temperatures, moisture, and ice. While these elements can damage your pavement over time, proactive solutions such as regular maintenance and using appropriate de-icing products can help ensure it remains in great shape during winter.

Freezing temperatures cause asphalt moisture to expand, exerting tremendous strain on its surface and potentially leading to cracks or even heaved parts. Luckily, asphalt boasts excellent load-bearing capacities that enable it to support vehicle weight even if cracks or heaves appear.

Moisture and ice can penetrate the subbase of asphalt driveways, causing the material to degrade quickly. This can lead to heavy and potentially catastrophic damages in a short amount of time. However, with professional installation of your driveway, these issues should be significantly less likely.

As soon as warm weather sets in, your driveway asphalt begins to degrade more rapidly than it did during colder conditions. When temperatures increase, the asphalt binder softens and becomes oxidized, accelerating breakdown and leaving behind brittle surface layers more susceptible to cracking than ever.

Heat temperatures can worsen existing surface or sub-base issues with asphalt, leading to cracking, rutting, and raveling of its surfaces. To combat these problems, proactive steps such as seal coat applications and repairs to cracks and potholes will significantly decrease their likelihood of impacting their durability.

One way you can extend the lifespan of your asphalt is to ensure it drains effectively. Proper drainage prevents water from pooling in low areas of your driveway and causing structural damage such as heaving. You can improve its drainage by making sure it slopes away from its center or by adding crushed rock or gravel at its base; alternatively, consider hiring a snow removal service with salt that won’t harm your asphalt.


Asphalt driveways require regular upkeep to remain visually appealing and functionally efficient. A visual inspection should be conducted every six months to identify any damage or wear on the surface. If cracks or potholes appear, having them fixed immediately can prevent further deterioration and costly repairs in the future.

At each regular inspection, it’s also important to remove weeds and moss that have invaded cracks using a weed-pulling tool or power washer. Furthermore, eliminating fuel or oil stains requires using an eco-friendly degreaser formulated for asphalt pavement maintenance.

Checking the drainage system of any newly paved surface is also beneficial, as standing water can damage asphalt, leading to cracking and crumbling problems that require costly repair efforts later. A proper drainage plan implemented during installation can prevent such complications.

Many asphalt driveways can last between 15 and 30 years with proper care, making regular maintenance essential to ensure they last as long as possible. Restoring and filling cracks are key steps in maintaining an asphalt driveway; filling any cracks before winter prevents moisture from locking inside the cracks, which could then cause additional damage when it thaws out again.

Cracked asphalt driveways may develop over time; if the number of cracks increases significantly, replacement might be in order. A professional asphalt paver can help determine what options best meet your needs and budget.

Experts generally advise having an asphalt driveway installed by a licensed contractor with experience mixing and applying paving materials to ensure its quality and longevity over time. Furthermore, this ensures any necessary repairs or sealant applications can be applied correctly and complete cleanliness before sealing takes place. A reliable asphalt paving company should have the equipment needed to do just this!