How to Decide on Adolescent Drug Treatment


More than a million young people in the United States are addicted to drugs. Almost the same number are reliant on alcohol. Not all these young people require residential treatment at a facility to help troubled youngsters. However, this can be avoided if the adolescent stops using substances entirely and their family shows they are willing and able to discuss the issue and work together to find a solution.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to say than to accomplish. And, if your doctor suggests inpatient teen drug rehab, what should you do as the teen’s parent?

The bright side is that there is a benefit to being given such advice. Nearly 75% of adolescents who could benefit from drug treatment don’t get any. Therefore, the suggestion should not be feared. Consider this a chance, a “wake-up call,” that you can respond to to assist your child.

Your child can get the help they need in an adolescent drug rehab center so that they can rest easy. And by assisting children as early as possible, you can significantly impact their developing brains and mind. The benefits of this will last well into adulthood.

So how can you choose an effective and reasonably priced teen drug recovery program?

First, talk to your doctor about getting referrals or recommendations for teen drug rehab centers. Check out the facilities’ online presence next. At this point, any information, no matter how simple, is helpful.

In what area are they hiding? You won’t just be able to drop off your kid and walk away. Thus, location is crucial. As a parent, you must actively participate in your teen’s drug treatment program. You should make it a point to see your kid frequently.

Furthermore, many teen drug rehab centers will not even consider admitting your teen unless you are willing to play an active role in their recovery. As your child’s recovery progresses, he or she can spend weekends with you. Look for a center that is conveniently located near your residence.
What is the cost? Learn as much as you can about the total price of teen drug rehab, regardless of whether or not it is covered by insurance. Having a complete cost breakdown allows for more accurate facility comparisons. What is and is not likely to be covered by insurance and Medicaid is also explained. Remember that several programs can help you acquire aid to offset the costs that fall outside your insurance coverage. Inquire about any forms of monetary assistance that could be accessible.
Can you tell me about the facility’s certifications? Finding an institution that a reputable accreditation agency has recognized is essential. A non-accredited drug treatment center for teens is not worth considering. Don’t forget to check into licenses. Find out if the state requires the facility to obtain a permit, such as the Department of Health.
How do they approach patient care? Can persons of different ages receive care at the exact location? Or do teenagers often hang out alone? Separating adolescents from adults has improved their chances of success in drug treatment centers. Do people at this facility believe in the 12-step program? In that case, you should know that these therapies have a spiritual dimension. How confident are you that your kid will listen to you? If not, it can slow down their healing process. Check to see if another option is available. Will your teen’s unique requirements for schooling be accommodated? Your child’s education shouldn’t be put on hold because they’re in a teen drug recovery program. Ignoring their emotional requirements… Can people get counseling if they need it? How often would you like to see a therapist for your kid? What would the aims of this treatment be? How do you recommend parents get involved? Have you ever heard of a “Family Day?” Is there family support available at the juvenile drug recovery center?
When will I get the results of the treatment? Determine how long a typical stay at a residential treatment facility might be. It all depends on the center, as well as your kid. How many weeks or months does it take? Find out how many teenagers are usually in treatment at the same time. How many people typically participate in a group therapy session? How strict are the restrictions at the juvenile drug rehab center, and what will result in immediate expulsion if violated? If your child is going through inpatient treatment, it’s essential to find out what happens to them once they leave. The importance of this to your teen’s future success cannot be overstated. Your adolescent will likely need to participate in outpatient therapy for at least a year, singly and in a group setting. Finding a drug treatment center for teens is essential, not too far from home.
What does it take to get accepted? Your adolescent will have an assessment to determine the extent of their ailment and the best course of action moving forward. Your kid might need to be evaluated by a psychologist or a doctor. Basic choices will also be made about your child’s level of care (inpatient, outpatient, etc.). Participate actively and learn the procedures used at this stage. Before proceeding, find out what your insurance will pay and any additional costs (such as for a urine test).
Who works here? How did the workers at that drug treatment center for teenagers get their jobs? What is your degree of education, experience, etc? Is there access to medical care in the event of an accident? How many workers are there to care for each patient? How frequent are employee departures?Is the racial and gender diversity of the current team acceptable to you? Do they respect people of different backgrounds?
Additionally crucial factors
It would be best to visit the teen drug rehab centers on your shortlist before making a decision, in case this hasn’t been made apparent up to this point.

Photos and other information might help you restrict your options, but ultimately, you need to see the place for yourself to decide. Consider your child’s perspective when touring the facilities.

Things to keep an eye out for

Is upkeep a priority at this location?
Where can locals go to keep busy during inclement weather?
Does the food look good?
How do you think adults and teenagers get along? If you have the time, watch what happens for a whole day.
Are there enough supplies for students?
Perhaps the most crucial of all is Is get in touch with the folks of former in-patient adolescent patients. Spend some time talking to them about their experience. It’s not easy to ask the tough questions that need answering. Did their child, for instance, experience a relapse after leaving the adolescent drug treatment center?

Choosing the right adolescent drug treatment center is difficult for many reasons. You’ll have to put in some effort and study up on the subject of drug usage. However, the time and effort will pay off in the form of a speedier and more permanent recovery for your adolescent.

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