How to Raise Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Seven Suggestions for Effective Leadership Education


The happiness and success of one’s child is a goal shared by all parents. We’ve often fantasized about how much better life will be with them as grownups. We hope that they will be even more successful than we have been.

God has already provided all they need to be prosperous and outstanding, but few of us know this. Our children have a unique role in God’s plan for this world.

And it is up to us to show them the way.

Overwhelmed? True. It’s hard to envision bringing order to the chaos that is our typical day.

In any case, we may ensure our success by adhering to the following rules:

1.-Maintain a close relationship with God. Make time to read the Bible and pray no matter how hectic your day may be. God’s will for your kid’s life is the best you can hope for. Tune your ears to His call. This is a foolproof method for achieving fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Find out all the blessings God has in store for your kids in the Bible. You are in a Covenant relationship with God if you have accepted Jesus as Lord of your life. That’s the same as making a promise to Him for eternity. The assurances are a part of that.

First, read Isaiah 54:13. “The Lord will teach all your children, and your children will have great peace.”

Oh, that’s good news. He’ll be their teacher.

My favorite reads: “Their progeny shall be known among the Gentiles, and their descendants among the people. Everyone who sees them will recognize that the Lord has blessed these descendants. Scripture Reference: Isaiah 61:9.

Please read these verses and memorize them. Post them throughout your house or, even better, commit them to memory. Faith is how we receive God’s promises, and trust is developed through regular exposure to God’s Word. Scripture verse (Romans 10:17)

Claim those Scriptures and speak them over your precious son or daughter’s life the next time you’re frustrated with them. God is trustworthy, and He never goes back on His word.

Be an example for them to follow. Your kids are observing you whether you like it or not. You may need to make some adjustments. It’s pretty simple. Don’t assume that you can handle this on your own. The plan fails. Trust in God’s grace, His divine and supernatural power, to help you alter your character flaws.

The most positive change you can make is spending time every day with the most generous being in the cosmos. You will be altered mechanically. You’ll gradually develop greater wisdom, patience, and love for others.

4. Discuss renowned leaders’ lives after reading their biographies. Make this the most enjoyable part of your day. Pick an excellent read. Get cozy on the couch and be motivated by the heroic acts of people from the past.

Conversations concerning the book will inevitably come up. Listen to them rather than interrupt them with your thoughts. With that,

stir up their thoughts. You can instruct children on the wisdom of the Bible while you dissect the hero’s successes and mistakes.

Fifthly, let them have plenty of time to explore their passions. This will provide a natural environment where their gifts from God can flourish. Don’t load them down with too many after-school commitments. Allow them extensive periods alone to pursue their interests.

Also, place limits on TV and video games, the classic time wasters, and brain drains.

Find out what they’re good at and encourage it. Recognize a developing skill in them and discuss it as you notice it. God is giving you a hint at what he has in store for your kids. Tell them how great they are doing it. Assist them in honing their innate abilities. If you take this approach, your child will grow up with an appreciation for education and the drive to succeed in the business world.

Don’t force them to accomplish more than they can handle. Because of these differences, treating all children the same way is impossible. Two of my kids learned to read at ages four and fourteen. That’s fine for me. Both have published multiple books and are actively pursuing more education at their respective levels.

An effective leader has a strong mentor. Pick your professors carefully. If you need to turn to someone other than yourself as a teacher, be that person for your children. An effective mentor should:

o Highly knowledgeable in his field.

Maintain a good moral standing.

Possess excellent linguistic abilities.

· Open to disclosing his methods.

8.- A competent leader must be capable of analyzing and resolving complex real-world problems. Expose your kid to as much of your life as possible. Share with them the challenges you’re facing and the tough choices you’ve had to make.

Don’t be bashful about admitting your shortcomings. They will realize that even the most seasoned of us make blunders from time to time and that it’s possible to grow from these experiences. This will improve their ability to assess and address complex issues in the actual world. It’s also a fantastic chance to impart some godly counsel from the Bible.

Bad leaders dominate, while good ones serve. Instill in your kids a spirit of giving. Instead of drowning them in toys, teach them to be a blessing to others. Allowing their children to wallow self-indulgence is one of the biggest blunders well-intentioned parents make in today’s consumer-oriented society.

Instruct them to be generous and helpful to others. Start at home by giving them various chores and responsibilities. This is the most effective strategy for shaping one’s personality. Keep an eye on how they feel inside instead of expecting blind compliance. It’s not easy to do this. It will take time for them to adjust their mindset, but eventually, they will.

Ten.-Play and show your affection for one another. No parent would intentionally hurt their child, but not every kid knows they’re loved. Please give them your full attention. And even when they’re adults, they’ll still listen to you with all their heart.

“In a hundred years, it won’t make a difference what kind of house you lived in, what type of automobile you drove, or how much money you had in the bank. But maybe things will be different now that you have made a difference in a kid’s life.

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Bettina Langerfeldt finds fulfillment in encouraging others to use self-directed learning to develop their unique God-given abilities.

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