The Proper Way to Get Your Kid Ready for Graduation


A few short years ago, they ran around with the dog, played baseball, learned an instrument, and attended school events. Your tiny one has grown up and is now a young adult. Graduation will arrive before you realize it, and then it will be time to start a new chapter in your life at college. Graduation comes around a short time later, marking the end of their college years and the beginning of an exciting new phase of their life.

How can you help your newly independent child feel confident and excited about life after high school graduation? What advice could you provide them to handle the changes in their lives better?

There is a lot of uncertainty and upheaval after graduation. It’s a time of exploration and discovery that can set the tone for a lifetime of excellent or terrible decisions. The graduate’s future self is shaped and molded by their interactions with the world, for better or worse.

Whether you’re the graduate’s parent(s), sibling(s), or friend, you are responsible for setting them up for success in life. I stumbled upon some helpful data that includes you constructively in that procedure.

In the final week or two before graduation, it’s essential to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with your student to assist them in preparing for the challenges ahead. If we can help them adopt a more Christian worldview, it will give them an advantage when making decisions shortly.

Whatever happened in the past, now is the moment to make amends and chart a new course. Now is the moment to help your grad prepare for life beyond college.

The following are some points to discuss.

First, instruct them in the ways of God. Sometimes the environment and peer pressure leave our kids clueless about how to have a connection with God. They go to church and can read the Bible, but they have no proper relation to God. They worry about the consequences of coming out in public.

2. Instruct them to maintain a steady gaze on the truth. As a result of peer pressure and other influences, today’s youth often base life-altering choices on what their peers think. The decisions they make now may have long-term consequences. They need to understand that they shouldn’t trust the advice of their less-experienced friends and peers when making important life decisions like those involving drugs, sex, and relationships. Prayer and direction are essential in these situations.

Third, show them how to forgive. Although it’s not easy, it’s essential to let go of grudges and forgive those who’ve wronged you. It’s high time for everyone involved to make amends and move on. Peace offerings in the form of little presents are one excellent option.

4. Instill in them a reverence for God’s atoning offering. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, died on the cross as payment for our sins. Since God’s grace was extended to each of our children, they, in turn, must extend grace to themselves and others.

5. Instruct them to shine like stars in the world. They need not be secretive about their faith in Christ. A person can never predict a helping hand or encouraging word’s impact on another. These acts of kindness can profoundly impact the recipients’ lives. They should let their light shine and spread the message of their excellent deeds. They will have a beneficial impact on the world with the light they provide.

Sixth, show them how to modify their minds. They should look for the answers they’re looking for to improve their life. It can be due to insufficient time in prayer and Bible study, surfing the web, or watching too much television. They need to seek potential distractions and time wasters actively.

Seven, instruct them on the timing of God. They need to practice trust and remember that God’s timing may differ. They commit to taking the course, invest in the necessary reading materials, and even attend class, but ultimately flunk it. Why did this occur? Don’t forget to instill in them the importance of maintaining hope and faith. There is a time and a place for everything. A closed door always has a corresponding open one.

Eight, show them how to follow God’s path. They will encounter a wide range of difficulties. Nothing will work out the way they expect. Even if individuals want to follow a particular direction, God may have other plans.

9. Show them how to deal with temptation. Every day of their life will be filled with tricks. Many new attractions will present themselves due to their increased free time. There will be a wide variety of tempting distractions. They have to know what to expect and have a plan for dealing with the temptations.

Ten. Instruct them to be armed with justice. They will face temptations of the mind and heart. While you may not be able to remove all of their tricks, you can show them how to protect themselves by donning the armor of God’s righteousness. This will aid them in resisting the urge to make poor choices. Once they realize this, morality becomes much more potent than temptation.

11 Show children how to be respectful of authority. They need to find their identity in God before finding their position in the world. They can quickly lose sight of what’s essential due to the distractions of modern life.

12. Instruct them on the efficacy of prayer. Our young people need to be reminded that prayer is powerful from time to time. Their dependence on prayer may be lost in the shuffle of daily living. They should constantly turn to prayer for guidance whenever they face a challenging and consequential decision. If people are talking to God, he wants to aid and guide them through their trials. If people put their faith in prayer, they will be rewarded.

Tony Edwards is a writer, reviewer, and proud parent of a recent college grad.

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