Installing an LCD TV on the wall the right way: a time- and effort-saving guide.


Have you already bought your dream LCD TV if you’ve decided against a plasma TV? If that’s the case, your preference is the only thing standing between you and a wall-mounted LCD TV. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, let’s find out how to set it up and get it up and running. Wall mounting a television is a modern display option because it frees up floor space and prevents the set from becoming the room’s focal point.

Hiring a professional is the fastest way to get it installed. Even if it’s a cheap LCD TV, one of the employees in the electronics department will undoubtedly ensure that it’s installed properly and effectively. However, paying for a professional’s help requires financial outlay. So, if you want to save money, you might as well set up the system yourself. This is not a tough chore, so take advantage of it to save money.

Finder, Stud

A stud finder is all you need if you’ve decided to attach your LCD TV. This will help you ensure your TV is in the optimal viewing position. No one wants to worry about their brand-new TV breaking before they can see it. No one! You may rest easy knowing that your TV won’t budge once you’ve used a stud finder to mount it.

Fix the TV to the wall.

The wall mount can be installed after the studs have been located and marked. The wall mount should have as many screw holes as feasible for maximum stability. When there are more points of attachment, there is less pressure on any one of them. Having the wall mount securely fastened to the wall studs is the last step in installing a wall-mounted LCD TV.

Once you’ve located studs and determined the optimal placement for your TV, you can proceed with the wall mount installation. The wall mount must be securely fastened into the wall at many spots. The number of anchored points determines the load distributed across each mounting point. More anchors mean less of an overall burden. Is the wall mount finished being fastened to the studs in the wall? If that’s the case, you’re quite close to finishing the setup.

Tuck the Wires Behind the Wall

After you have found studs, anchored the wall mount, and attached the LCD TV to the mountain, you will only need to plug in your TV. It’s more aesthetically pleasing if all the cables are out of sight. This necessitates drilling holes in the wall for the wires to run through. And if you still don’t want to, there are various ways to go about “hiding.” It’s possible that having tools and bandages on hand at home will be helpful during the installation process.

Seek Out Assistance

Finally, even though you have perfected your ability to perform the installation without hiring a professional, you should still have someone assist you. You can ask him to hold the TV for you, or he might suggest anything. This is because it is easier, safer, and more efficient to complete work when more than one person is involved.

You’ve done a lot of work in order to settle on the best TV option. The next logical step is to research how to mount an LCD television on a wall properly. After conducting extensive online research, you found the best site to buy your Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, or another type of LCD TV, and now it proudly hangs on your wall. That’s it; no further work is required. Now that your new LCD TV is mounted securely on the wall, you can kick back and enjoy quality viewing time.

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