How Much Does Outdoor Signage Typically Cost?


Most writing about outdoor advertising is highly technical, delving into the chemical makeup of the substrates, inks, and supports used. The commercial side of outdoor signage is what we’ll be discussing here. When I say “business end,” I’m referring to things like how much your outdoor signage will cost, how it will be installed and cost, and any maintenance suggestions you should follow.

We’ll discuss full-color banners (also known as outdoor banners) and corrugated plastic signs (also known as coroplast signs), two of the most popular types of outdoor advertising.

Full-Color Banners – Unlike indoor banners, which are often made of paper, outdoor banners are typically constructed of 13oz Vinyl material printed using a 4-color process. Outdoor banners can be found in any conceivable size. The largest size possible without joining many panels is about 150 feet by 16 feet. The total price should be less than $4.00 per square foot, including grommets every two feet for hanging and installation and hems on all four sides for longevity. A banner measuring 4 feet in height by 20 feet in width would cost 80 square feet. Without accounting for shipping, the total should come to roughly USD 320. The installation price varies depending on the job’s complexity, but you can spend around $100 to mount it to the side of a building using a ladder, drill, and screws. Even the most excellent vinyl materials can be destroyed by wind if they are not appropriately mounted. Therefore installation is crucial to the banner’s longevity.

Keep your banner clean, dry, and stored in a dry, cold area when not in use. It’s inevitable that when you hang a vinyl banner outside, it will get soiled from exposure to the elements. Clean it by laying it flat on a clean table or floor if you can. A gentle dish detergent and lukewarm water for rinsing are suggested. Please refrain from using any petroleum-based or abrasive cleaning products. Make sure all sides are dry before putting them away. Make sure it’s bone dry before you roll it up and store it away. Mildew will form on the banner if any moisture remains on it. Roll it up to prevent the printed side from splitting with the image facing out after it has dried. If you roll your banner just right, it will have someplace to breathe while it’s stored. If you can, return your banner to the packaging it came in and lay it flat rather than stacking it. Over time, it may develop wrinkles if stored vertically due to wilting and warping.

The grooves or flutes that run between the sheets of plastic used to make corrugated plastic signs give the signs their characteristic stiffness. Both surfaces are compatible with 4CP inks that have been adequately prepared. Rigid signage can be purchased in sizes as large as 4 feet by 8 feet. One-sided printing has a final cost of $2.75 to $3.00 per square foot. A 2′ wide by 2′ high sign would cost around $11-$12, excluding shipping. Remember that many printing companies demand that strict sign orders consist of at least two or four of the same design. Wooden signs, such as those used for yard or sidewalk advertising, don’t usually require exterior installation. The two options are putting the wire pegs in the ground or putting the sign in an already-existing frame. Regular washings with soap and warm water are advised to keep the tattooed areas clean and looking their best. An ammonia-based window cleaner or anything similar is acceptable for non-ink surfaces. Ensure your cleanser won’t melt your rigid outdoor sign by first performing a test in an inconspicuous place.

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