Let’s Take a Look at How Viral Marketing Operates


The primary issue with most websites is that they are quickly forgotten. A considerable portion of their audience is so impatient that they never understand why they should purchase anything or listen to what is being said because they are just one of hundreds or thousands of sites selling or saying the same thing.

For a website or advertising campaign to be successful, it must be engaging enough to keep visitors engaged long enough for them to read it, take something away from it, and then share it with others. This does not imply that the content shown must be sexually explicit or otherwise unacceptable in polite company.

For those with too much free time on their hands, it’s amusing to watch common viral videos of dumb individuals performing sophomoric things on grainy videos.

The most successful viral video websites and campaigns deliver important thematic messages in the setting of an enjoyable experience that people will want to share with others. In other words, it ought to look good while also being substantive.

Elements of a Successful Online Video Ad Campaign

1. Participate; pique Interest.

2 – Educate – give details or information.

Third, use style to make something memorable.

Four, zero in on consistency.

5. Put on a memorable show.

6. Strike a chord; ring true.

7 – Get people excited and motivated to take action.

Ideas That Can Be Put Into Practice Improved Brand Recognition and Sales Leads

Analyzing the Cache-Closed Mystery

To others, the concept that anything can be both enjoyable and significant is a massive leap of faith. Apple Computer is one firm that “gets it,” as their Macintosh and iPod campaigns exhibit all seven characteristics of a successful viral advertising effort. The videos are just as effective online as on TV, if not more so.

Expanding a viral marketing notion beyond a single viral video takes foresight, bravery, and brilliant creativity. We created an app called “Cache Closed” to provide clients with an example of the efficacy of such a campaign.

To aid clients with their marketing and branding efforts, the campaign website features a series of short movies (each under two minutes in length). Keep the sales talk to a minimum. Nothing demanding to be told what to do, just a presentation of concepts in an unconventional, even weird (to some) but enjoyable fashion.

Certainly not, but our sites do feature great textual content that humans and search engines alike can read and index. However, the campaign’s target audience consists of more progressive business and marketing executives interested in transforming advertising into content.

Making A Brand’s Main Character And His History

If the Internet is the frozen glacier that Marshall McLuhan said television was, then TV is the frigid medium. However, it seems that even the most desolate of environments can support some life, and in the case of the Internet, video and audio are that forms of life.

Put away the bulleted-list slideshows, the overuse of royalty-free media, the ego-driven presentations, the cliches, the dumbed-down messaging, and the con artist approaches that always end with “but wait, there’s more…” content.

A concept is the first step in creating anything, whether a website or a marketing campaign. The idea behind ‘Cache Closed’ is straightforward; the medium conveys the tale. If you want to tell a compelling marketing story, nothing beats a video  saidd by a natural person. Because of this, we had to devise a narrator: enter our hero, ‘the Cache Closed.’

For Whom Is the Cache Closed?

Human interaction keeps viewers interested in any media, and an online video of a natural person is as close as you can get. Even though our professional actor is playing a binary creation, we were able to give the character more depth and connect with the audience on a more personal level by not using animation or an avatar.

It was necessary to create the character in advance of scripting. The following is the character’s backstory, which was created as a voice-over introduction but cut from the final product; it nonetheless played a role in shaping the character’s personality and the campaign’s initial press releases.

The History of the Cache-Locked Game

Meet Cache Closed, a digital creation pieced together from the binary scraps of forgotten information scavenged off the side of the information superhighway.

This cyber wack-a-do lacks the formal niceties and erudite etiquette of his digitally-deficient disciples, so don’t be fooled by his manic manner and bizarre behavior. However, he does benefit from the accumulated knowledge gained from the free flow of information passed over and forgotten by surfer-addicted Web junkies and their associates.

Pay close attention, for in the ramblings of this somewhat out-of-phase demented pixelated-paranoid may lie the insight that leads to Web marketing success.

How The 7 Contagious Components Shaped The Effort

Win Over Your Audience

Draw in the Readers. Beginning with the assumption that website visitors are an audience increases the likelihood that you will be able to engage them and keep them around for the duration of your message.

Visitors are greeted by dramatic music and a sequence of warnings about the perils of Internet infections as soon as they enter the site. Our protagonist then injects a change of pace by saying, “So, now I’ve invaded your hard drive.” You’re familiar with the concept of viral marketing; let’s put it to the test. In under 45 seconds, we can pique the curiosity of our listeners, present the material, explain the concept, and provide a demonstration.

Illuminate and educate

Give Us Some Details. Each of the primary movies that make up the website has a different marketing or branding purpose, despite the random language and bizarre presentation styles.

Yes, not everyone will grasp the references, but for those that do, the intended audience, the presentation will be highly entertaining and educational.

The movie Cache Closed proves that talking heads don’t have to be dull if you give them enough creative freedom. When it comes to Cache Closed, the medium is just as important as the data itself. For anyone interested in spreading a message that has real value, this article is a wealth of information.

Make It Your Own

Build Something Memorable. We could have given the same information in a direct, clear, and short presentation, but it would have been dull and easily forgotten. This is just one of many articles we’ve produced about Internet marketing and branding; unfortunately, we estimate that only 30% of those who would be interested in the subject will really take the time to read it.

Audio and video presentations, professionally produced and those created in-house, flood my inbox every day, and while the content is often helpful, the delivery often falls flat. Being forgettable is the cardinal sin in marketing. No matter how significant or helpful the information you provide, if you don’t make it memorable to your audience, they won’t keep it.

The Cache Closed idea was a chance, but with viral marketing, the payoff is making a lasting impression.


Maintain coherence. Executives in charge of marketing realize that their companies can’t please everyone, but if they constantly repeat the same message in the same way, their target customers may start to tune them out. The difficulty lies in maintaining a focused, consistent message while constantly introducing new elements into your campaigns. Keep the message the same but find fresh ways to deliver it.

Cache Closed may be an odd advertising campaign, but it has solid foundations in our work and motivations. When creating campaigns, whether for ourselves or others, we always keep in mind the central idea that distinguishes one from another.


Make an impact. Take Risks. What Cache provides is worthwhile marketing concepts that enlighten and entertain at the same time; a straightforward notion that depends on ingenuity to stick in the mind of the audience.

Anyone can record and host a clip online, but few can make advertising exciting or engaging. This is a difficult task.

The Internet is more than just a digital corkboard where millions of businesses place their fliers if it is to serve as an efficient marketing environment. Since the Internet is primarily a medium for exchanging information, content created for it should aim to both inform and amuse its audience.


Strike a chord. On the flip side, connecting with your audience is essential when entertaining them. There needs to be an “aha!” moment in the minds of your listeners as a result of your message and delivery.

It was no accident that we introduced each video with a light bulb analogy. The Internet’s capacity for verbal, nonverbal, and metaphorical communication makes it such a potent branding and marketing tool. Failure to connect with your audience on all three levels in your marketing presentations will result in missed chances and lost business.


To force someone to do something. Everyone knows they should have a call to action, but if your presentation isn’t interesting, no one will pick up the phone, send an email, or fill out a contact form.

Cadillac has lost much of its luxury status to foreign imports in recent years, but its recent commercial featuring Kate Walsh driving a cherry red Caddy with the punch-line, “When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?” says it all. The commercial has a hypnotically engaging appeal that works for all sexes and successfully combines flair and substance. Unfortunately, GM advertised this as a one-and-done. The great concentrated, distinctive concept was not followed up with a series or marketing.

Businesses of all sizes can use the Internet to reach an audience that wants more by creating marketing campaigns that engage, entertain, and inform. That’s exactly what Cache Closed aims to achieve.

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