Sustaining Internal Injuries in a Rio Rancho Car Accident: Can You Pursue Compensation?


Car accidents can cause different injuries such as bones, brain injuries, and sprains. Injuries sustained in a car crash can lead to internal injuries that can be immediately apparent or delayed. But no matter when an injury surfaces, it can be dangerous. If you sustained internal injuries in a car crash, consider hiring a car accident lawyer Rio Rancho to help you handle an accident claim to receive monetary compensation for your injuries and other damages. 

Reasons Internal Injuries are Dangerous

After a car accident, victims may usually look over apparent injury symptoms such as blood, bone brakes, sprains, and bruises. But they may not know they have internal injuries that could put their life at risk when not detected or treated immediately. Indeed, internal injuries can be fatal. Unfortunately, these injuries may not be felt immediately due to the adrenaline that may mask the discomfort and pain. 

Common Kinds of Internal Injuries in a Car Accident

The following are common kinds of car accident injuries that can be sustained in a car accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A TBI can occur as the head slams against a part of a car, such as the windows and the steering wheel. Also, the head can snap back and forth during a crash, causing trauma. Although you may look fine on the outside, you may sustain an internal brain bleed that could lead to irreparable brain damage. A TBI can affect bodily functions such as physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional. It can leave you facing many future challenges that impact your quality of life. 
  • Internal bleeding. Internal bleeding results from injured blood vessels. When damaged, blood vessels cannot clot or repair themselves, leading to blood loss. During impact, your muscles, organs, and other body parts could be lacerated or punctured, leading to internal bleeding that you may overlook immediately. 
  • Organ damage. During a car accident, your organs are susceptible to injury. For example, if your spleen has been repaired through surgery, it can rupture during an accident. Also, you suffer from liver and kidney injuries. Indeed, when a broken rib pierces your lungs, these organs may collapse. 

Sustaining injuries from a vehicular accident can be devastating. Apart from your pain and other symptoms, you have to worry about your medical bills. Thankfully, you can rely on a skilled accident attorney to help you file an injury claim so that you can be compensated for your injuries and other losses. 

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