The Billion Dollar Secrets to Constantly Coming Up with Game-Changing Ideas for Your Company


What I Learned from Stealing a Billion Dollar Company

Advertising taught me a lot, including how to think of huge concepts quickly and create money-making campaigns immediately. To start, let me define what I mean by this.

A Big Idea is…

Merging the known with the novel is groundbreaking, especially for our field.

“New” refers to information entirely outside of the field, whereas “knew” refers to information already existing in the area. When you combine the two, you create something new, which drives revenue through the roof.

They could be groundbreaking approaches to advertising, new products, or innovative methods of promoting and selling goods.

Many believe copywriting involves little more than stealing files from successful campaigns. While this approach can succeed in some circumstances, a genuinely revolutionary concept is required for groundbreaking achievement.

According to Clayton Marketplace, the principles behind his most successful copywriting and letters were so groundbreaking for their time that they were considered revolutionary. Such expansive thoughts are the fuel for rapid expansion.

If you stick to a tried-and-true strategy, your expansion can be anticipated. Perhaps predictably so, but you’ll need a genuinely revolutionary concept to get to the next level.

I’d use the analogy of a monkey at a typewriter to explain how great ideas are born. You’ll have Shakespearean prose if you put a thousand monkeys in a room and let them type for a century. To clarify, I mean that quantitative analysis is crucial for conceptual breakthroughs. There is no such thing as an “aha!” or “eureka!” moment. Quantity, not quality, is what matters.

The way to come up with Great Ideas.

You don’t just meditate for a while and have a brilliant thought hit you…No, seriously. That isn’t how it works, though.

You sit down and come up with 50 ideas. Alternatively, one hundred suggestions. Or better yet, 300 tips. I am confident that one of these ideas will be the spark that sets off your company’s next level of success. That’s the groundwork; everything boils down to statistics.

You might be wondering how you can develop so many ideas. Some people think they are experts because they can develop clever, problem-solving, profit-booster ideas on the spot. We lesser mortals, however, must keep striving and making progress.

This is how, in my previous life, I landed a job as a copywriter despite having zero relevant experience. The manager assigned me the task of coming up with as many ideas as possible for three goods. It didn’t matter how brilliant the views were, but I needed to generate as many as possible.

In just three hours, I generated three hundred proposals, which led directly to my employment.

This is essential:

Try Something New Outside Your Comfort Zone.

This is the secret to my success in advertising, and it’s not just about coming up with huge concepts. I credit this secret to my many achievements in the advertising industry. The intriguing part is that you won’t find this secret in any standard business tome.

One Edmund White wrote it and posted it as a commentary on Interestingly, he observed that most artists are only experimental in their respective fields. While they may be exposed to cutting-edge research in their chosen profession, their other information intake is standard.

If you aspire to excel as a marketer, you shouldn’t limit your education to marketing. By recycling the same old marketing strategies, you’re creating a self-perpetuating cycle that stifles innovation. Reading numerous books on direct marketing and entrepreneurship can lead you in circles.

Good ideas, however, will emerge if you leave that realm and begin, in the words of Brian Vaszily, “immersing yourself in genius,” or the highest level of human expression and creativity in any discipline.

Think of ideas as fruit and your mind’s soil as the source of such statements. The fertilizer consists of pictures from outside your domain, beyond marketing, to ensure that the earth is fruitful and produces as much fruit as possible.

However, a caveat is in order.

The assertion requires that you be an artist because it states that no artist is avant-garde outside of his own sphere.

For this to be successful, you’ll need to become an expert marketer. If you want to be cutting-edge in a different field, you must first master the basics of Internet marketing.

A lack of expertise in one’s profession or attempting to be innovative in a subject in which one lacks experience will inevitably lead to failure.

Most copywriters will tell you that being an expert in your sector and your products is essential to your success. Only when you know your product inside and out will you be able to articulate it in novel ways. Perhaps this is a critical factor in Agora’s success.

While there are other methods for producing breakthrough concepts, two quick and easy ways are provided below. It would be best to immerse yourself in genius, music, and the arts in many specialized journals; you never know when you could stumble upon a spark of inspiration. This is something I do on occasion. Putting it simply, it’s funnel vision in action.

How to Come Up with a Bold Concept

According to Jay Abraham’s funnel vision theory, success can be achieved by borrowing the cliches and accepted practices of a different subject and applying them to one’s own. There are two easy methods for this rapid innovation.

An Internal Perspective

Dan Kennedy suggests listing all the conventions in your field, such as typical photo poses and language. Finally, you twist and break each one apart.

ii) Externo an interiore

Please list the characteristics and cliches of different industries and use them in your own. Consider how you may adapt the free tickets and check-in counter airlines offer to your own company.

These two methods can help you come up with many different concepts. It could take some time to list the norms, but if you twist them, you can come up with 20 or 30 alternatives immediately.

In-Bed Examination

I’ll use a sleeping person as an example to show this. It is that easy. The overnight test is commonly used in the advertising industry.

Some of the best ideas can seem laughable the next day. If you have a brilliant idea, think about it and see if it’s still a “genius idea” in the morning.

If your enthusiasm for the concept persists through the night, you can be confident that it is good.

I’ll keep showing you different ways to come up with concepts.

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