Why Choose Wells Asphalt Paving?


Asphalt driveways may not be impervious to damage, but they’re relatively simple to keep looking their best over the years. A well-kept driveway can last decades while looking great. Find the best Asphalt Paving Oakland.

Consumers reported being approached at their homes or businesses by Johnny Young with offers to pave their driveways using asphalt “left over from the city.” He made multiple promises and charged excessive amounts.

Curb Appeal

Your driveway is one of the first things that people see when visiting your home, so making an excellent first impression is essential. A professionally maintained asphalt driveway adds curb appeal and can even increase home value; choosing asphalt over other paving materials, such as stone, is often ideal as it offers affordability with long-term durability, not to mention aesthetic versatility – wells Asphalt provides expert services that can assist in adding or updating existing driveways for you!

Asphalt surfaces are an appealing choice for commercial properties, thanks to their easy maintenance requirements and stylish appearance that impress visitors and clients. A well-kept parking lot speaks volumes about your company values and employees; curb appeal asphalt services include repair and maintenance as well as installation and resurfacing solutions.

Sealcoating your driveway regularly will prove its value when the time comes to sell your Southern VA home. A smooth and attractive driveway will increase its value, leading to better offers from potential buyers while giving peace of mind that they won’t face costly repairs when moving in.


Asphalt pavement can last for decades when properly constructed and maintained, depending on a number of factors that include initial installation practices as well as ongoing upkeep practices.

Home driveways constructed with new asphalt can typically last 20 years before needing resurfacing, or other repair work is required, though this timeframe can vary significantly depending on the type of traffic being experienced by it – for instance, parking lots that support both passenger vehicles and commercial ones have shorter lifespans than those supporting only light truck traffic.

Climate and weather conditions also play a crucial role in the longevity of asphalt pavements. Pavements exposed to repeated freeze-thaw cycles typically degrade more rapidly, while sunlight exposure can oxidize asphalt binders over time and weaken them over time.

A quality asphalt paving company will offer regular maintenance services to extend the life of any new driveway or road they create, such as crack filling, seal coating, pothole patching, and crack filling. These will keep your pavement looking its best while functioning optimally – saving money on costly repairs down the line.

Low Maintenance

Asphalt pavements installed professionally are incredibly resilient. When properly laid, they will last years with only minimal upkeep required – mainly if your driveway seal coating protects it against sun, ice, rain, and other weather elements that could wreak havoc with the surface and dirt and seeds entering cracks over time and causing additional damage.

Asphalt driveways are an excellent choice for property owners who want to protect the value of their properties and preserve their appeal, such as seniors or people with disabilities who need an easier way to access their spaces. A new asphalt driveway can instantly increase curb appeal while saving money in the long run – plus helping prevent trips and falls for seniors or those living with disabilities.

Professional asphalt contractors have extensive training in how to effectively pave asphalt in a way that makes it attractive and long-lasting. Furthermore, they will advise you on how to care for it so it lasts as long as possible.

Attractive pavement is essential to both your home’s appearance and functionality, so if you want to enhance them both, consider investing in an asphalt blacktop driveway in Buffalo Junction, as it will pay for itself over time while adding instant curb appeal. An asphalt driveway also makes maintenance much simpler!


Asphalt paving can help keep your project within budget, with its cheaper costs compared to concrete and no need for a base as with gravel paving projects. Plus, its smoother surface provides easier driving and parking experiences – perfect for commercial property owners!

No matter the scale of your asphalt paving project, its results must stand the test of time. Potholes and poor grading not only cause visual clutter but can damage tires, cause fender benders, and create an unpleasant experience for visitors and residents alike. Asphalt is durable enough to withstand even extreme climate changes with proper maintenance if left alone for prolonged periods.

Asphalt is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly; its recycling rates are superior. Furthermore, you can incorporate recycled aggregate into the mix when creating porous asphalt pavement, which allows for better airflow while potentially helping you save tax through green construction tax deductions.

Not all paving companies are created equal, and consumers should be wary of deals that appear too good to be true or contractors who require cash-only payments or refuse to provide written estimates before beginning work. It would also be prudent for individuals promising cheap asphalt paving to stay away from door-to-door salespeople promising low costs, as these may attempt to take advantage of you by selling substandard materials.

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