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Erica Ps4 Review – The ps4 launched with a five-hundred gigabyte hard drive. How cute! They think 500 gigabytes is plenty of data! Hey, Sony! This may not 2008. Five hundred gigs are not going to cut it. Not when you’re games have compulsory installs.

Erica Ps4 Review – Not when your video game titles are 40 to 40 gigs apiece. You’re doing us juggle data. This is fine with smartphones. Everywhere apps can be deleted in addition to reinstalled in 30 seconds. Decades OK when your games usually are massive and can create a couple of HOURS to install video game titles.

Erica Ps4 Review – Why would you not dispatch with at least a TB? It’s ridiculous! You can close up too, Microsoft. You shipped with the same measurement hard drive! Not only that but at the least, Sony ships with your normal laptop hard drive. With the console, you have to buy a little-known drive. So, let me declare this with as much entrepreneurial know how I can muster: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Erica Ps4 Review – Nonetheless, there is an easy solution to this problem. That is definitely to replace the hard drive by yourself. Whoa, calm down, don’t meow. Oh gosh, you’re moping and crying. It’s not that hard. That it is pretty easy. Are you not moping and crying anymore? OK, good. I highly recommend you hold your composure; that has been awkward for both people. Great, now you’re sobbing again. Let’s move ahead…

PLEASE NOTE: I do not feel that this will void your warranty. However, it is in your welfare to contact Sony to make sure. I am in no way responsible for any destruction or voided warranties that may happen due to a hard push swap. Please proceed in your caution!

Erica Ps4 Review – The first step is always to gather the materials! Thus first, you will need a new hard disk drive. I used a one multi-terabyte Seagate hybrid drive. Be sure that the drive is 2 . not a 5-inch drive. In any other case, it will not fit in the PS4. You could also use a solid express drive. That being said, I do not think you will get a very significant velocity boost from it.

Plus, reliable state storage has been usually much more expensive than a regular platter hard drive. Or you could easily get a traditional hard drive with a masse storage. My partner and I went with a hybrid commute because you get most of the important things about the solid-state push mixed with the cheaper size storage of a traditional plate-based hard drive.

Pictured: Seagate Hybrid Drive

Erica Ps4 Review – You will also desire a computer handy. Ugh, I am aware. I am asking so much regarding you. Using that personal computer navigates to Sony’s web site. Find the latest firmware. Make certain you get the As of the time this article is published that software is 3. 15. You will also need a one-gigabyte thumb to drive for placing the saved firmware onto and if you intend on backing up saves and also game data.

Make sure it truly is formatted to FAT32. Click on the flash drive, and also click format and make sure FAT32 is selected. You will need any PS4 controller and a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cord. Lastly, get a convenient dandy screwdriver!

If you plan on backing up your saves, put the USB drive to the PS4, navigate to the settings menu. Beneath the settings menu, find the “Application Rescued Data Management” menu. Discover back up and restore, as well as follow the on-screen instructions.

Erica Ps4 Review – Next, let’s get smart and start taking apart the actual PS4. The first thing you should perform is the make sure the PS4 is turned off. Unplug this from the wall, just in case. Following this, what you should do is to pull the actual glossy plastic piece from the PlayStation. It will require a little pressure, so don’t be afraid to make use of some. It should slide away with relative ease.

You need to see the hard drive inside of the cage. There will be a rather big screw with the PlayStation symbols of the square, circle, by, and triangle on it. Eliminate that screw with your Phillips head screwdriver. Draw the cage out of the PS4. Good job so far!