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Matterfall – How to choose15463, a hard drive for your PS4 hard drive upgrade. The standard PS4 HD is 500GB, yet games will be nearly 50GB each which doesn’t depart much room to store your current games or digitally get them.

The good news is that Sony managed to get it easy for the average Joe to upgrade their PS4. All you want is a standard Phillips bolt driver, and you’re ready to go.

Matterfall – PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade: Listed here are the current PS4 HD technical specs you need to consider.

1 . a few Inches (The standard notebook computer size internal HD will likely be 2 . 5 inches, although desktops also can use this size)

2 . 5mm Size ( 9. 5mm Laptop measurement internal HD)

3 . 500GB Measurement (Capacity to hold data)

4 . 5400 RPM (How fast often the HD operates)

5 . Santa 2 (How fast data is usually transferred)

Matterfall – With all that said, you will need to make sure you search for 2 . 5 various inches and 9. 5mm when you are looking for a new disk drive, anything bigger and you will be revisiting it.

There are a couple of PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade recommendations that can help you find an HD within your budget.

Measurement – 1TB (1000GB+) instructions There really is no use receiving anything in between 500GB in addition to 1 TB. A 500GB model will get you identical storage, and 750GB will undoubtedly get you another five video game titles worth of storage.

RPM – 5400 is Typical for hard drives, but you genuinely wish to get a 7200RPM HD. 10000RPM and 15000RPM drives aren’t going to be even available over 1TB yet, and I didn’t spend $350 on a 10000RPM drive that is only 600MB. Also, note that the higher the RPM cardiovascular disease power it will consume on netbooks since the console is plugged with, you will not have to worry about battery life.

Santa: SATA II can certainly transfer data at more than 3. 0 gb/s even though SATA III can shift up to 6. 0 gb/s. You want a Sata 3 drive if you are upgrading. SATA III is backwards working to SATA II. (Note) It is confirmed that the PS4 uses SATA II; consequently, while your driver will likely be SATA III, it will make use of the SATA II speeds

Matterfall – Think about SSD (Solid Slate Drive)? SSD is still fairly fresh and very expensive to buy. The general size capacity of available SSD drives is sectional compared to non SSD.

Am I able to buy an external hard drive? Sometimes, external HDs will not benefit the PS4 the way you need it to. Games will not be are usually be played directly from another hard drive.

Matterfall – With all that being said, following searching through Newegg and also Amazon, there are limited solutions at this time. The 1TB 5400RPM drive and the 500GB 7200RPM drive are identical prices as the 1TB 7200RPM drives.

HGST Travelstar 2 . not 5-Inch 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s 32MB Cache Interior HD

Meets all the Sizing, RPM and Sata advice and Size recommendations (9. 5mm, 2 . 5 inches). It also has 123 Consumer Ratings with 4. 5/5 stars.